A Look At Suspected Bitcoin Creators As The Search For Satoshi Nakamoto Goes Forward. 

There are many Satoshi Nakamotos out there. Which one is the true one? Experts are divided in their opinion. 

A Look At Suspected Bitcoin Creators As The Search For Satoshi Nakamoto Goes Forward. 

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? 

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have discussed the true identity of Bitcoin‘s creator Satoshi Nakamoto during the last decade. Throughout the years there has been a great number of suspects and self-proclaimed crypto inventors as to this day the Satoshi Nakamoto mystery continues to prevail. 

Twelve years ago, on October 31, 2008, Bitcoin’s inventor published the cryptocurrency’s introductory white appear, and yes, Halloween is approaching. The pseudonymous person or persons that wrote the white paper and developed the original bitcoin codebase was using the name, Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto essentially solved the infamous computational issue called the Byzantine generals problem or the Byzantine Fault by developing the first blockchain distributed ledger. 

The search for Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto continues for close to twelve years now. 

During the last decade, people have been hunting relentlessly for the mysterious creator as Nakamoto left the bitcoin project and public eye in December 2010. In a series called ‘the many facts’, there are a number of articles written about the possibility of certain individuals that could be Satoshi. The following is a list of few suspects covered so far as the series has been one of the most popular chains of Satoshi Nakamoto articles. 

The List of Suspected Satoshis

Hal Finney

Discussing the possibility of Finney being bitcoin’s creator, the first article in the series was called “ The Many Facts Pointing to Hal Finney Being Satoshi Nakamoto. The editorial gives a comprehensive look at why, as Finney is probably one of the most popular Satoshi candidates.

One of the first individuals to run the bitcoin codebase for instance was Finney an experienced developer. As he was a prominent developer for the PGP Corporation, Harold Thomas Finney ll definitely had the expertise to invent bitcoin. 

Including his Libertarian leanings, his location in California, and also the simultaneous retirement timeframe from the PGP Corporation are the editorial facts pointing to this possibility. Also, the network’s first transaction recipient was Finney. To this day no one can truly confirm if the California-based cypherpunk was Satoshi as, despite the many clues, Finney passed away in August 2014. 

Nick Szabo

Involving the computer scientist Nick Szabo was the second instalment of “The Many Facts” series. Discussing how Szabo could be Bitcoin’s creator was Graham Smith. How Szabo created a project called bit gold which was released before Bitcoin was detailed by Smith. 

Writing extensively about cryptography and contract law was Szabo also coining the term and the concept of smart contracts. Including how the Bit Gold blog post publishing date was altered and how in case Wei Dei reportedly told Satoshi about Bit Gold creation in an email conversation was some of the interesting factoids. 

Publishing an opinion editorial called “ Why Nick Szabo Probably Isn’t Satoshi was in addition to the second part of the series. Explaining why he believes Szabo isn’t really a cypherpunk as also he doesn’t share the same vision for Bitcoin and Szabo’s altered blog post date is sketchy in the article was author Deryk Makgill. 

Makgill concludes that in case Nick Szabo is Satoshi, then he has already done a remarkable job of leaving bread crumbs thereby pointing the opposite way.

Shinichi Mochizuki

Publishing the third instalment dubbed “The Many Facts Pointing to Shinichi Mochizuki Being Satoshi” was in December 2019. His long history of mathematical innovation makes him a Satoshi suspect even though Shinichi Mochizuki is an obscure character and not widely known. 

Mochizuki has an American background and British English writing style just like Bitcoin’s creator besides being a mathematics prodigy. Believing Mochizuki is Satoshi as the computer scientist and inventor of Hypertext, Ted Nelson in a video. Mochizuki has fallen off the map when it comes to Satoshi suspects despite being able to create the blockchain codebase. 

Ian Grigg

Involving the financial cryptographer and inventor of Ricardian contracts Ian Grigg is the fourth part of the Satoshi Nakamoto series. It discussed the many facts that show Grigg could possibly be Satoshi and how he has the technical expertise in this article. The article thereafter mentions how Grigg wrote his 2005 paper called Triple-Entry Accounting for instance. 

The concept of blockchain technology and solving the Byzantine general’s problem three years before Bitcoin was introduced was discussed by the paper. Being associated with the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright was Grigg. Making people believe Grigg was a part of a team that called themselves Satoshi Nakamoto was his association with Wright. Satoshi’s emails matched Grigg’s writing style in a stylometry test as noted additionally by data scientist called Michael Chon.  

The Conclusion 

There are more suspects out there. Let us know if you find someone suited for the title of the Bitcoin pioneer Satoshi Nakamoto. 

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