As The Price Is Set To Reach $1 Million In 5 Years, 'Enormous Wall Of Money' Is Coming Into Bitcoin, According To Raoul Pal

Bitcoin is finding the latest craze in an investment vehicle. How, why, and where is the growth headed? We find an answer here. 

As The Price Is Set To Reach $1 Million In 5 Years, 'Enormous Wall Of Money' Is Coming Into Bitcoin, According To Raoul Pal

Where Is Bitcoin Headed According To Raoul Pal 

In five years, macro strategist Raoul Pal says the price of bitcoin will reach $1 million. The fact lies that rather than when the world is collapsing, he attributes the price increase to adoption by large pools of investors and the enormous wall of money coming into bitcoin. 

$1 Million Bitcoin in 5 Years

In a podcast interview with Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research, former hedge fund manager Raoul Pal shared his view on the economy, gold, and bitcoin. After departing Goldman Sachs where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in Equities and Equity Derivatives in Europe, Pal previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London. Further on he founded the Global Macro Investor and Real Vision group. 

He began that the economy is not thereby recovering or a lot longer than what we expect. Further, he says there are more problems to come to Europe, the US, and elsewhere as there is no stimulus around. They are closing in droves and that’s what I called the insolvency phase as businesses don’t have enough cash flow. Adding to this the former hedge fund manager says, more from the central banks is the only answer and that is why he started to buy more and more bitcoin.  

Equally distributed between US dollars, gold, equities, and bitcoin was his portfolio. He was however revealing during the podcast that probably above 50% now is his bitcoin allocation. He said it is ok for him because the upside is so much bigger while acknowledging that this BTC allocation exposes him to a 50% downside. 

The Future Is Bright 

Reducing his cash holdings and putting the funds into bitcoin was that explained by Pal. As he doesn’t think there is as much opportunity as the room is in bitcoin, his trading positions are relatively small. It comes to be mainly a bit of cash, some gold as well as bitcoin. Selling his gold to buy more bitcoin, was his idea as elaborated by the founder of Global Macro Investor: if bitcoin starts breaking out of these patterns that its been forming, it is surely going to massively outperform gold as he doesn’t dislike gold but when you get to the macro opportunity. In this case, why would he have the gold allocation as he is 100% sure of that?   

It was him clarifying that when he is not fearful of hyperinflation, default, or anything else, it is adding that he is interested in people adopting a different monitoring unit for their savings and reserve assets was the former Goldman Sachs manager. 

Predicting that it will be $1 million in five years, Pal has a bullish forecast on the price of bitcoin. He thereafter explained that: 

It’s because there is going to be adoption by the real large pools of capital as it is going to be not because the world is collapsing. 

Starting with retail and moving into hedge funds, he sees bitcoin adoption happening in waves. He was however noted that they were not there yet. Whereas it is coming, they can’t prime broke bitcoin assets. In space, they are starting to see family offices. Suddenly they say they have allocated 5% in bitcoin as next is the institutions, the endowments, the pension plans, and within that you find some government. It may be one with constant problems of currency devaluation as he believes that it will be a country such as Nicaragua. Now it is here that he says it will be another huge story much like the story of MicroStrategy moving $425 million treasury reserve into bitcoin when that happens. 

Finally, he has said that but it’s coming as it is on everybody’s radar screen and there is a lot of smart people working on it as Pal further shared emphasising that process isn’t there allowing large institutional investors to invest in bitcoin yet: 

There’s an enormous wall of money coming into this as from what he knows, from all of the institutions, and all of the people he spoke to. 

The Final Words For The Discussion:

With the bitcoin era emerging, there is more to be included in the modus operandi of investment. Here we include some of those facts to notify investors of the boom of the industry. Along with technology, the business era is also witnessing more of the investment according to the experts in the discussion. So when you embark on investing, be sure you will find the right answer. 

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