Blockchain Revolutionizes The Content Distribution

What is the effect of blockchain on content distribution? Listen to the current application of the technology. Way to go blockchain technology.

Blockchain Revolutionizes The Content Distribution

Where Is The Application Of Blockchain Observed?

Beginning with cryptocurrencies, the ever-increasing popularity of blockchain has since surpassed the world of finance and banking with a slew of new businesses and applications built on technology, these industries that represent the first wave of mass decentralization are soon to impact the whole world. Helping distribute the cost of running a platform, to the various participants, blockchain rewards them for it in equal measure.

Already relevant for blockchain-based solutions, this decentralized model helps cloud storage, payment processing, and cybersecurity, however, the technology is sure to play a key role in the content distribution arena.

This is a better deal to many than the old ways which saw control and profits remain in the hands of content hosting companies rather than content creators themselves as it can significantly disrupt the imbalanced status quo seeking to put the power back in the hands of those who create and consume content. 

Turning The Tables

Users of services like YouTube allow the company to profit from the content in return for security, hosting and distribution. There is no doubt that many of the profits don’t end up in their pockets while YouTube stars earn a healthy living from attracting viewers to their channel. However, it may not seem like a bad deal to some. As YouTube is an immensely popular destination on the internet, it gives creators a reliable high volume platform for free, also handling the logistic required for creators to simply focus on what they do best, create.

It is necessary to know that on this model, the blockchain is turning tables as Flixxo, the decentralized content distribution platform allows creators to offer content to the very specialized audiences paying cryptocurrency tokens as funding and enjoying their projects. As reflected in the price of the token itself, a growing following is present as also to earn them participants in Flixxo, they simply make videos on their computer available to the network much like the peer-to-peer service BitTorrent. Offloading the costs of running the network on users, this decentralized crowdfunding and hosting solution makes it more lucrative and rewarding to take part.

As the essential security needs are covered blockchain-based solutions because of its networked nature, is impervious to hackers that reach a single node and not affect functionality for a whole network. The system is entirely self-sustained thanks to decentralized hosting and encryption. 

A World With Decentralized Distribution

Content creators are currently not paid enough for their services as using a real example, the popular you tuber Pewdiepie earned $15 million in 2016. As this is a considerable sum, to be sure, but is low considering he has over 57 million subscribers on the channel. This accounts for a sixth of the entire population of the united state, as willing to pay just a single dollar per year to watch as much of Pewdiepie’s famously silly antics as they like, with an annual take increasing three-fold. 

This is the standard for many industries unfortunately and in Hollywood, the music scene, actors, and musicians are paid handsomely for their talents as the distributors reap the most profit. Whereas a beautiful performance by a popular actor results in a million-dollar payday but earns the studio hundreds of millions in worldwide ticket sales. Blockchain technology is more ubiquitous as those who once profited from managing centralized content hubs no longer be able to exercise the same degree of control over the system. 

Looking Towards The Horizon

As the viewers ought to forego it is probable that paying subscriptions to platforms in the future and that can instead give directly to the content providers they love. As they receive a large share of the pie, these creators are sure to allow blockchain and also use their computer to support the network, the costs that YouTube incurs from hosting billions of videos with a global audience distributed evenly and happily pay the price. 

The Concluding Words

While being adopted, this type of cooperative system when adopted benefits of cutting out the middlemen and become more visible. While a producer was once hesitant to brand herself as a YouTube star, they are sure to be able to be famous in her own right no matter what. Whereas consumers pay less for what they want to watch as well as not a single cent is spent for irrelevant content, it does not happen overnight as they watch closely who already see a revolution in the making. Here is why blockchain promises a lot for the future generation of tech-savvy YouTube users as well as businesses that consist of the including crop of successful entrepreneurs. 

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