Ford Takes Self-Driving To The Next Level With Quantum Signal

Ford acquires mobile robotics company Quantum Signal to help with self-driving. Ford has acquired a small robotics company based in Michigan called Quantum Signal, which has produced mobile robots for a number of clients, including the U.S. military.

Ford Takes Self-Driving To The Next Level With Quantum Signal

Partnering with Michigan based robotic company, Quantum Signal, which has developed mobile robots for many clients including the US military, Ford has taken a bold step ahead in developing a self-driving car. The company has appointed experts to build remote control software for robotic vehicles. Along with it, simulated testing and development environments for remotely controlled robotic systems are also developed.

Ford’s interest lies in acquiring Quantum Signal specifically based on this work of developing to build and deploy self-driving cars. The company is being followed closely and is all set to employ its experience in developing real-time simulation and algorithms for the autonomous vehicle control system. It is said to help Ford in developing self-driving cars, transportation-as-a-service platforms and hardware and software related to both.

Ford’s main interest lies in picking experienced talent working on autonomy with specific challenges needed to develop road worthy self-driving vehicles, including perception systems and virtual testing environments. Ford desires to preserve Quantum’s unique culture just as it did while acquiring the SAIPS, an Israeli computer vision, and machine learning company.

On its part, Ford invested in Argo AI, with the majority stake in the startup in 2017 and later on adding a joint investment with Volkswagen in a deal that made both major equal shareholders. On its pursuit of developing self-driving cars, Ford is continuing the acquiring and partnering with more startups, working towards actually deploying autonomous vehicles on the road.

Quantum’s software has been widely used in remotely control robotic vehicles from miles away for the US military. Lesser known to the public this fact makes Quantum one of the favorite partners for Ford. It has built a robust simulation environment for testing autonomous vehicle designs still in use.

Though operating in obscurity, ford has been following it for a while. For this, it has assembled a team of qualified software developers, simulation specialists and machine learning specialists from all around the world accelerating the autonomous vehicle development. The squad is getting even bigger.

Renowned or ANVEL modeling and simulation environment, Quantum Signal develops a military robotics program exploring unmanned remote and autonomous systems. The expertise is in building comprehensive simulation environments at Ford to test vehicles and business models to achieve performance improvements. 

The company’s expertise is in robotics and sensing and perception systems. For Ford’s self-driving cars, this work is repurposed analyzing the environment.

Argo AI and SAIPS have been successful in creating an innovative visual cognition system detecting vehicles or pedestrians, including turn signals and hazard lights, under severe weather and lighting condition. Another application is the core system enabling fully automated high-resolution 3D mapping of urban environments, which is sure to play a crucial role in self-driving vehicles in the real world.

Similar to this, Quantum Signal plays a crucial part in taking forward Ford’s self-driving vehicle development along with representing the company’s commitment to nurturing the talent to deploy the technology successfully.

According to the CEO, of Quantum Signal, Mitchell Rohde, his memories of seeing his father’s Model T working and hearing him lecture on Henry Ford’s contribution to the world, made him give a lasting contribution to the world. Just as all engineers want to make a difference, they are got a chance to influence the world with freedom of mobility through Model T. This opportunity is still there and waiting to make it a reality.

Self-driving cars hold the promise of the future as it has great potential. The automotive industry is abuzz with inventions and startups are flourishing with the technology on the verge of explosion. With startups doubling their staff it is what everyone is vying for. The technology is bursting with opportunities to make the most of the talent of the new crop of developers and specialists. 

Ford is just one element in this gold rush. We are making the chartbusters click with technical expertise from all over the world, following startups closely to identify the right talent for the right technology. So the future is robust for those who want to make it big with implementing technology in the ideas they are brainstorming.

Engineers all over are in a rush to take their place in contributing to the society that has helped them grow. Giving back is thankfulness and we are sure to get the best from the specialists who are nurtured with technology and expertise. Never leave behind what has inspired you to make a change in the world of technology and innovation. 

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