Here’s The Reason Behind Gold ETF Exec Switching Allegiance To Bitcoin ETF

The bold step ahead by appointing Samantha McDonald as the CFO and here’s why cryptocurrencies are crashing.

Here’s The Reason Behind Gold ETF Exec Switching Allegiance To Bitcoin ETF

Appointing Samantha McDonald As The CFO

Recently it has been observed that the world of digital currency exchange-traded funds had suddenly become more newsworthy as news broke out that Grayscale Investments LLC had hired Samantha McDonald from SPDR Gold (GLD) and the SPDR Long Dollar Gold Trust (GLDW) thereby to serve as the vice president for finance. Hereby McDonald had previously served as chief financial officer and treasurer of those two ETFs. It is here that GLD which is the largest ETF invests directly in physical gold with her new role overseeing finance, accounting, and legal for Grayscale. The question arising here is what does it mean that a top executive from the Gold ETF world has moved over to the realm of digital currency ETFs?

A Boost for Grayscale

The addition of McDonald's to the team according to Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert could help the firm to expand its reach as digital asset ETFs while continuing to become increasingly common and popular. Here Silbert further stated that McDonald brings a wealth of knowledge and experience managing ETFs as well as the complex financial instruments to her new role and thereby adding that she will surely play a critical role for Grayscale as digital currencies continue to grow as an asset class for institutional and individual investors’ according to a report by

Thereby grayscale is perhaps best known as the provider of the single asset as well as diversified investment products most notably Bitcoin Investment Trust which is the first publicly quoted instrument solely invested in Bitcoin. 

McDonald Sees Links Between SPDR, Grayscale

Later in a statement, McDonald had expressed excitement at the new opportunities while saying that the growing family of products at Grayscale reminds the early days of SPDR adding that it is true that Grayscale sits at the forefront of the digital currency investing and the company has enormous potential to further establish itself as the innovator in this developing marketplace. 

It is here that while cryptocurrencies more broadly have dramatically increased in prominence and popularity in the past few years where traditional investors and financial firms have generally been more hesitant to get involved in the space. This is why digital currency ETFs, in particular, have faced a steep uphill climb, while dealing with pushback from analysts as well as those in the larger ETF community who are skeptical about the potential for investment success as also continued and unresolved issues regarding the legal status of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Here the chance of McDonald as a storied executive in the traditional ETF space has made the move to the digital currency ETF world thereby helping strengthen investor interest and trust in that area. 

Cryptocurrencies Tank As Panic Starts To Set In

Concerning it as concerns rise that entrepreneurs are cashing out their initial coin offerings, as well as some digital tokens including Bitcoin may have become overvalued where nearly all of the largest cryptocurrencies fell. It was found that thereby it was in Monday trading as Bitcoin declined 6.2% at one point hitting $ 5,887 its lowest level before recovering some of the loss while it was that Ether dipped 13% that’s why according to Bloomberg, citing data from As of the largest 100 cryptocurrencies tracked by as only one traded higher, and the market capitalization of the digital tokens combined declined to $ 193 billion that was a far cry from the $ 835 billion noted Bloomberg.

Thereby the cryptocurrency investors have been here before as this time around there are little signs that the selloff is sure to let up any time soon, as it were a part of that has to do along with cryptocurrencies those lofty valuations whereas now Samson Mow the chief strategy officer at Blockstream Corp., a blockchain company said in an interview with Bloomberg. It was then that he said they have been overvalued for a long time and while it’s hard to pin the declines on one thing, it does appear to be the opposite while fear of missing out drove scores of investors into the crypto marketplace as it’s piling out as they sense panic. 

ICO Cash-Outs Add To Malaise

It is here that at the same time there come fears mounting that entrepreneurs who raised money via ICOs are starting to cash outselling digital tokens such as Ether driving the price of that token down as with digital tokens declining in the value companies holding onto the proceeds from an ICO losing value and thus gearing up to cash out.

The Concluding Words

It is currently that Ether accounts for about 14% of the cryptocurrency market capitalization which is down from 32% last year at the peak of Ether’s rally. Therefore the Bitcoin’s market cap was 39% back then and now stands at 54% while it declines as less of a rate than the rival digital tokens, noted Bloomberg. Here Ether is down around 40 % compared to a 26% decline in Bitcoin. 

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