Innovation In The Cryptocurrency Mining Sphere coming with

Who is Thomas Norberg? We introduce the innovator here with his start-up What do you need to know? 

Innovation In The Cryptocurrency Mining Sphere coming with

Introducing Thomas Norberg And

The mining space is more controversial than ever more than 10 years after the first cryptocurrency was successfully mined. To allow any PC with spare computing resources, contributing the surplus to help maintain the cryptocurrency network earning rewards in return, the process was created to be democratic. 

Leading entrepreneurs to innovate ways to make mining more profitable, was the prospect of the mining prize mentioned here. Also improving the profitability of the exercise while at it, in the process, they have fabricated specialised mining devices that do not only do the activity faster. Putting in a colossal amount of capital to afford the expensive devices, are then said changes now meaning that anyone who wants to earn from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. Here it is seen that the cost of electricity that is required to sustain the process comes extortionate besides that. 

Pepping the industry for major changes is the incredible pace of change in the industry notwithstanding an innovative entrepreneur and his unique startup. With a vision to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining more user-friendly and less costly to join, the individual is Thomas Norberg a Russian born businessman. 

Thomas Norberg – The Man, And The Innovator

Born in Russia, Thomas set sail overseas after attaining elementary education in his native country landing in Sweden where he enrolled for a Master’s degree in International Business Management and finally completing it successfully.

Thomas joined the corporate world earnestly upon completing his graduate studies. Here he stumbled upon the novel blockchain technology. Following this, it is possible for him to talk authoritatively about all the successes of the space as well as those other issues and challenges that the ailing industry having been in the industry for more than 8 years. 

At least most of it, Thomas has seen it all. Back when not many people knew about virtual currencies, he started as a crypto trader. Thomas dived in and backed several projects with the proceeds from his trading days between 2016 and 2018 when initial coin offerings were all the rage. 

As technology comes dynamic as well as there is no space where this statement is truer than the blockchain industry. It did not take Thomas long to see the folly and lopsided aspect of the industry that crypto mining had become watching the comings and goings of the space. Thomas joined hands with some entrepreneurs he came to know in the industry baffled by the cost of hardware and the runaway power tariffs.

With a unique yet friendly approach to the undertaking, together, they came up with the idea of a cloud mining platform. This process then gave forth to 

About Miny.Cc – The Unique Approach To Cloud Mining

Primarily a cryptocurrency wallet infrastructure is Miny. They get a secure cryptocurrency wallet by default when a user creates an account on the platform. Here it is observed that storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and MINY tokens are the multi-coin wallet. 

Its cloud mining plan is however the platform’s, shining star. Simple and easy to use comes the plan. The user simply creates an account, deposits crypto into the wallet provided, and then converts the virtual currency into MINY tokens. Thereafter the user will be included in the mining pool and there he or she will begin getting a share of the platform’s mining proceeds and once the platform verifies the deposit. Per month overall the platform pays out between 10% and 19% of the amount a user invests. 

Users can make money on the platform through several means aside from cloud mining. For instance, a revenue earner is the platform’s native token MINY. Here we observe that for every one of the successful transactions completed on the platform, there is a portion of it burning as the cryptocurrency is made. Hence thereby the platform ensures that with the number of MINY tokens in circulation it reduces over time in doing so. 

The value of the coin as such will appreciate since the demand for the coins is set to increase over time while the amount in circulation reduces. Here in this scenario those holding the coins for an extended period of time can also exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or cash them as fiat and enjoy their profits.

Cashing on this resource are users who have the extensive following online. Up to the 20th downline, the platform has an elaborate affiliate program that pays commissions for the referrals as the user brings. 

The Bottom Line 

Thomas Norberg in the game for more than just profits as the above narrative shows. Making bitcoin mining worth considering again, is the Russian entrepreneur and his band of associates. Along with that, they saw it as becoming an undertaking that comes environment friendly as well as sustainable. Here comes the reason as to why the mining farm of Miny is located in Hong Kong. Making its power cheap and attractive is the region’s endeavour to go green.

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