Launching Batu Capital For Cannabis, Crypto And Big Data Start-ups Is The Real-Life Emery And Evan From “Fresh Off The Boat”- Part 1 

The first part of the account of the Huang brothers successfully investing in the blockchain. Where are they headed? Know more from the following two articles.

The Blockchain And The Huang Brothers

In the blockchain ecosystem, it is quite unknown as the restaurateur and raconteur Eddie Huang the best known of the three “Fresh off the Boat” brothers and the younger brothers Emery and Evan has remained relatively mysterious even to the most loyal viewers. Being prominently featured on the show the two namesake characters with their real-life counterparts had kept a much lower public profile making the sporadic appearances on Eddie's social media. 

Thereafter it was found that Emery and Evan have become busy investing in real estate and recently branched into tech start-ups as though the multifamily investment office called Batu Capital was launched earlier. Reaching a big milestone as one of the first investment MJ Freeway which is an enterprise software developer for the cannabis industry has entered into the merger agreement with M Tech making it a part of the Nasdaq listed holding company.

Earlier the two brothers in an interview suggested that moving into the tech sector with the start-ups they wanted to fund in the US, China, and Southeast Asia where Batu Capital focused on finding companies in the cannabis, blockchain, and crypto sectors as well as big data. 

MJ Freeway additionally provides enterprise resource planning and the compliance tracking software for the cannabis businesses with the portfolio including Vidy, the start-up building a new approach to video ads on Ethereum and the Sora Ventures which are the crypto-backed blockchain and digital currency venture fund. Investing in seed or Series A stage companies or Series C and pre-IPO as the typical check size is about $ 500,000 to $ 2 million comes the Batu Capital.

After several generations of political and social upheaval, the creation of Batu was motivated by Emery and Evan’s desire to protect their family’s assets as though Batu isn’t a single-family office instead they raise capital from a network of limited partners for each investment.Cutting short the long story, the family made and lost fortunes more than five times within the past two generations and as Emery says frankly they will be damned if they let it happen again in the lifetime of Emery and Evan. 

The history dates back to before World War II where the Huang brothers’ paternal relatives amassed the railroad fortune losing it all during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing. As they escaped to Chongqing and began rebuilding their wealth through real estate, they were then forced to flee to Taiwan during the Chinese Communist Revolution losing everything once more. Whereas their maternal grandparents meanwhile fled from China to Taiwan escaping the Japanese army. Working in banking earlier, they survived in Taipei selling steamed buns on the street for several years until getting the jobs in the textile plant eventually opening their curtain and upholstery fabric factory. 

The boy’s relatives like many who had escaped the Chinese Communist Party remained wary of another invasion as though they rebuilt their lives in Taiwan, both sides eventually left for the US. Thereby it was there that the parent Louis and Jessica met, married, and had their three sons. Hereby the first American primetime sitcom in 20 years to star Asian Americans “Fresh off the Boat” comes as a fictionalized version of Huang’s family’s ups-and-downs as they built their restaurant business in Florida where the brother grew up. 

How Did They Then Survive To Build A Blockchain Investment?

This question is answered in the next article where the brother's highlight, they are on a war-torn path to success. The blockchain as a promising future attracted them just as they did for others looking for a quick mode of earning and investment. For the developers, it is a process to earn a living while for investors it is the investment for the lifetime. Being secure and safe the blockchain promised the investments would be safe. This is where the Huang brothers started their journey to success. There are no words to declare how they could, therefore, help save their family wealth and keep it safe for the next generation. 

To Be Continued

The account doesn’t end here as we explain more of the life and investment policies of the Huang brothers as they rise like the phoenix bird from the ashes to which they were burnt down with the help of blockchain. So, keep your fingers crossed for more from the life story of the Huang brothers in the next few words as recorded. 

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