Rushing Investors Towards Securypto Is The New Bull Run 

Listed below are the facts about Securypto IEO. What should you know about this topic? Why is it more robust and encrypted heavily? 

Rushing Investors Towards Securypto Is The New Bull Run 

Introducing Securypto IEO

Investors scramble to get on board of Securypto IEO with Round 1 Fully Sold Out. Anonymity has become a necessity in a world where data hacks have become the norm rather than the exception. For its remarkable innovative approach to encrypted messaging Securypto project is making headlines across major news media. 

Pointing out is the security expert and the Lead Dev of Securypto: 

Almost everything connected to the internet is at risk of cyberattacks as it is not just WhatsApp. Following continuation news about the messaging platforms being targeted by spyware and hacks, that is what easily can be concluded. No messaging service is bulletproof, as this is the unfortunate reality which is that most messaging apps have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by sophisticated cyberspies. 

The Securypto Story – Rise Of The Underdog

As the fact to be viewed is that Securypto went against the grain and then kept the focus on delivering what was a working product and released his own Android Encryption App DigiSafeGuard earlier this year also without any founding amid the hype of those countless ICOs of the projects that came without a product or even of a use case in 2018. 

As also those conducting innumerable tests and also offering a 10BTC reward to anyone where they could break their encryption which is to be this date no one has succeeded in doing so, as the past two years have seen the Securypto team going to labouring over its blockchain platform. 

The next logical step is here for both the team and investors and the community, as consistent hard work has paid off and the Securypto platform has been steadily rolling out those updates after the update and along with the listing on that exchange. Thereafter, the Securypto project then saw their own IEO reaching that level of fervour that is quite unheard of in today’s IEO narrative along with the loyal supporters had then rallied behind the project’s token sale to be having grown to a strong following last week throughout its developing stages. 

Serving as a testament to good old-fashioned persistence and hard work is Securypto’s IEO success. It is viewed that “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” just as Henry Ford puts it. 

Keeping Community At The Forefront

Token holders will be able to start making deposits in preparation for trading finally. Opening for trading after IEO are available trading as SCU/ETH pairs confirmed by Bilaxy and Uniswap exchange. Keeping the community always at the forefront of any listing decisions in the meantime, Securypto remains committed to making listing partnerships with credible exchanges vetted to be safe for users. 

Exchange Listings

Earlier Lead Dev of Securypto was stating: 

They are proud to be listed on such a reputable exchange as Bilaxy is a world-class digital asset trading platform. The leading decentralised permissionless exchange, for the DEX supporters, they have selected UniSwap

Being quite unprecedented is Bilaxy support. With their various financial services like trading, staking, and more, Bilaxy has always been the home of crypto hidden gems, as they are happy it supports more promising blockchain projects. They have seen Securypto’s potential to develop a model where you take back control of your data and send and receive truly anonymous encrypted data as anonymity is a scarce commodity in this day and age. 

To Conclude, What You Need To Know About SCU

Enabling users to send and receive encrypted messages and data with its app DigiSafeGuard, SCU, which stands for Securypto Token is a utility token. Whereas the utility token enables an anonymity layer on top of it which makes it a perfect instrument for everyone that cares about their privacy to send and receive data, the app itself already allows you to do that. Most people who live in restrictive countries making use of this application like North Korea and places where censorship is coming very high with freedom of speech is a luxury where Securypto has given them a voice as early feedback from early adapters show.  

Finally, you are considering that the moment you send the message it, therefore, looks like your message then goes into a wormhole and as the receiver gets the message there is no one to discover the path it has taken from sender to receiver making it impossible for anyone to track the message or decrypt it whereas whistle-blowers have also commended its ease of use and high level of encryption and how it makes it easy to use a WhatsApp. Why both the community and investors have been excited about the development and launch of IEO and listing SCU on Bilaxy and Uniswap as it comes then as no surprise.

This golden opportunity is getting massive attention from the crypto community all over the world as Initial Coin Offering of Securypto Tokens has been started. 


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