The Highest Number Of Physical Bitcoins In 3 Years Was Redeemed Last Month By Casascius Owners

All that you need to know about Casascius bitcoins. Why are experts keenly observing the performance? What is happening to Casascius bitcoins? 

The Highest Number Of Physical Bitcoins In 3 Years Was Redeemed Last Month By Casascius Owners

Introducing Casascius Bitcoin 

Bitcoin thereby crossed an all-time price high on a few global exchanges and between spot and derivatives markets there’s been a lot of action on November 30, 2020. The fact that November 2020 saw the greatest number of redeemed Casascius physical bitcoins in three years is one metric people didn’t notice. There are only 20,686 Casascius physical bitcoins left active as approximately 92 coins were peeled throughout the last 30 days. 

Meaning the bitcoin could be worth more than the spot market value of the BTC, in the bitcoin world, there are a number of coins that hold a numismatic value. As no one has ever transacted with them before, for instance, legend has it that virgin bitcoins freshly minted by a miner can fetch a premium. 

Holding a premium and a value of BTC as well is however the most common bitcoins holding numismatic value are physical bitcoins.

Created by Mike Caldwell from 2011 to 2013 are the most famous and most valuable physical bitcoins. 

Whereas the manufacturing operation is no longer operational, Caldwell’s Casascius physical bitcoin collection website is still online. We have to send thanks to those harsh US regulations, just as Caldwell had to quit thereby issuing physical bitcoins that are loaded with real BTC.  

People have been redeeming the digital value from the physical metal’s private key ever since Caldwell created the Casascius coins. Last year at the end of December, someone peeled a 100 BTC gold-plated bar as Caldwell made both coins and bars. There are not that many 100 Casascius bars left, as the digital value on the bar alone is worth close to $2 million today. 

When we look into, the current data now shows that there comes to be over 78% of the series one 100 BTC Casascius gold-plated bars that are redeemed to date. Thereby it was found that the crawler from has then recorded 92 coins redeemed which are of the highest peel-rate in three years with the last month when BTC touched record highs. 

As BTC Touches All-Time High

When BTC touched a high of $19,666 per unit, last month’s number of Casascius bitcoin redemptions is the highest since December 2017. As data shows 411 Casascius bitcoin redemptions during the month of December, in 2017 however a greater number of Casascius bitcoins were peeled. As it came to be during the last bull run, this redemption means in November 2020, that the people peeled quite like 22% of the aggregated count of the physical coins and bars. 

There is only one series that has been fully redeemed as at the time of publication 20,686 Casascius physical bitcoins are still left active. There was only one 500 BTC bar made and it's worth $ 9.5 million today as the series 2 Casascius 500 BTC bars have all been redeemed. 

Finally, as it is, today’s exchange rates, are the holy grail of all the Casascius bitcoin collection treasures as it is the 1000 BTC series one bar worth a touch over $ 19 million. Meaning there are only two left in existence, Caldwell issued 16 of these large bars and so far 14 have been redeemed. 

The fact that every coin was made before 2013, is another thing that makes Casascius bitcoins even more valuable than face value. All the forked assets as well including BCH, BSV, and other branches as means owners can not only redeem the BTC’s private key. 

Peeled coins that Caldwell produced are selling for $750 empty as second market sales of the Casascius bitcoin collection are catching premiums today. People have to have a lot of money to spare as Ebay has a number of sellers selling funded Casascius bitcoins too and in order to buy any. 

The seller wants $150k for the lot for instance there’s an Ebay ad for five Casascius bitcoins minted in 2012. With a single bitcoin funded on it for $101k, meanwhile, another seller is selling a rare 2011 physical Casascius coin. 

Closing The Discussion 

Spending anywhere between $40,000 to well over $100k per coin are connoisseurs who are thereby looking to break the bank to buy one of these funded Casascius bitcoins on Ebay. Selling for a premium on second market websites too is moreover physical bitcoins made by BTCC, Denarium, Cryptolator, Lealana, Titan, and others. 

A super rarity to find these days are Casascius bitcoins and many other physical bitcoin crafters who loaded digital BTC to the coins during manufacture. People now have to buy coins from secondary markets as regulation has quite literally ruined the loaded physical bitcoin industry.

After running the operation in 2015, the popular physical bitcoin manufacturer Denarium stopped selling coins in July 2020. 

Denarium’s Chief Production Officer Viljami Räisä said as the business closed, that which holds more than 5M USD (600+BTC), it is a great achievement to retire a five-year-old physical bitcoin business coming with zero hacks as also more than 15,000 of the produced units. 

It is possible for those Denarium coin owners who can check the status of the coins as the company then issued since the inception similar to Casascius bitcoins. 603 BTC remains active and unpeeled, as data shows that out of the 15,084 Denarium physical bitcoins minted.

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