Which are the 5 Blockchain Platforms suited for Better Use of Data- Part 2

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It is surely important to have the blockchain platforms that can make your business boom in their respective ecosystem. Here we make sure you get to know the best platforms suited for this purpose. As fintech is a growing industry, it also does help the developers and investors alike. It is hereby as the situation arises when the technology comes as the most secure storage system for money. Apart from money laundering accusations the decentralized ledger system owes its success to the multi-storage cloud technology. The following are three of the five platforms well suited for data usage. 


This comes to with the digital self, a notion addressed by Datum which is a data filter, storage solution, and marketplace all in one. However, Datum is concerned that the data people generate is owned by service providers and hosts rather than by real people shopping online or posting on Facebook as it has created a platform that captures one’s data from a variety of sources like IoT devices and social media which then locks it away on the blockchain as miners are incentivized to provide this safe storage via DAT token and only the users have access to the database representing their online selves. 

Hence it then solves the issue of third parties preying on the data of their users as they can also choose to sell it to relevant buyers on the Datum marketplace where several sharing and storage tweaks that one can make to their profile as it’s possible to set aside certain types of data for automatic storage upon capture whereas others can be instantly uploaded to the market for remuneration in DAT. 

Basic Attention Token

It is helpful that here BAT is both a next-generation advertising platform as well as a cryptocurrency where the company’s Brave browser is in the testing grounds for their token and their cutting edge advertising technology as it has spawned a plethora of new key performance metrics designed to quantify how people pay attention to ads online and even if they don’t click on them.

This is why it is extremely valuable for companies which are now understanding that a click is perhaps the least valuable and most ambiguous performance metric currently available and it’s also phenomenal that for users of Brave those who can either use the browser to filter out all those advertisements or get paid in the BAT for letting it run in the background. 


While people generate data everywhere online, the DataWallet comes as one of the most expensive nets for catching a large amount of this data from many sources capable of blocking Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Spotify, and countless other popular services from feeding off user data and instead keeps it private by default. Therefore users can opt –in-to data sharing if they wish to. And can choose from a wide variety of popular cryptocurrencies to receive an exchange.

Thereby a special feature of DataWllet is its ability to temporarily share previously collected data from other services with new ones, as you sign up for a new music app, where you can choose to let your profile speedup the new app’s learning process and immediately recommend relevant songs and artists to you for example. Therefore this is a pertinent solution for the problem of machine learning AI which is data starved by blockchain filtration platforms as to how they are supposed to function if users don’t communicate back? Thereby the temporary profile sharing gives these AI an instant picture of any single user without requiring a constant upload stream.

The Business of Browsing

Even though considered pleasure the activities like browsing and shopping online, posting on friends pages, and talking on message boards, the work produces a tangibly valuable product where it’s about time they are paid for the value we deliver online and this is one of the most vital basic utilities of blockchain. Thereby the absence of intermediaries comes as a new dawn for web users everywhere who will suddenly find lurking around the internet to be quite lucrative. 

Concluding Thoughts On The Discussion 

Here comes the final discussion underlining blockchain and decentralized ledger technology hoping to extend a helping hand to the investors as the businesses are set to surge ahead of all fluctuations shortly. Hence be aware of the changes in the blockchain ecosystem thereby leading to a successful application. Technology is constantly evolving and we can expect more from the experts.

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