While Prepping For An Airdrop, Bidding Bitcoin ABC Devs Farewell by Prominent BCH Community Members

Learn about the current situation in the Bitcoin context. Where are the Bitcoin ABC developers headed? Know all about it.

Here’s The Bitcoin ABC Team 

The Bitcoin ABC development team announced what is a feature freeze including a new Infrastructure Funding Plan and a week later explained it was also imitating a governance council on August 18, 2020. Being found that Bitcoin ABC has lost considerable support it, therefore, appears the project is sure to separate from Bitcoin Cash come November 15, despite the recent announcements. 

There has been a lot of contention among the Bitcoin Cash community during the last few weeks. After the Bitcoin ABC development team decided to adopt Jonathan Toomim’s ASERT Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm the controversy heated up, thereafter including the controversial Infrastructure Funding Proposal Coinbase rule as well. 

Further, we find that 8% of the Coinbase reward is almost set aside for infrastructure development as if the rule was to be applied. 

Not supporting the IFP integration into the Bitcoin Cash codebase is an overwhelming share of the Bitcoin Cash community. Being very outspoken against the IFP addition are a great number of big players, early adopters, developers, full node projects, businesses, miners, as well as crypto executives. 

A myriad of engineers from full node projects like BCHN, Knuth, Bitcoin Unlimited, Flowee, Bitcoin Verde, Bitcoincashj, and BCHD is against Bitcoin ABC’s current direction. Here come many businesses and organizations similar to Electron Cash, Bitcoin.com, the SLP Foundation, Read. cash, Zapit, Membercash, Lazyfox, and Cashaddress.org. Coming as a directory for all things related to BCH there is now a new Bitcoin Cash web portal called bch.info. 

Why Are They Switching Over?

Starting to switch over to the Bitcoin Cash Node client version 22.0.0 or later and other non-ABC nodes, was ABC’s direction causing several node operators and miners. In the block’s Coinbase parameters after they find a block reward, an increasing number of miners have written powered by BCHN. Including Huobi, Binance, Bitcoin.com, P2pool, Hashpipe, Okex, Easy2mine, Btc.top, and more are the Bitcoin cash miners mining with a non-ABC client. 

Zero blocks so far have been signaling for Bitcoin ABC, as roughly 50.9% of the last 1000 blocks have been signaling BCHN. 

Thereafter it is according to this metric that has continued to rise over the last week and 53% are using BCHN for the latest consensus rules. 

Saying they are against ABC’s latest IFP iteration, additionally, several BCH mining representatives have signed. 

Even those like the representatives such as Li Pei Cai the founder of Wayi.cn, the miner and developer Andy Chen, BlocksBridge Consulting founder Nishant Sharma, Bitcoin.com’s mining pool, Carson Smith the CEO of SBI Crypto, Alexander Levin Jr the CEO of ASICseer.com, and many others are included in the list of those who have signed. 

On social media, Bitcoin.com founder Roger Ver tweeted on Tuesday that he wishes Bitcoin ABC as well as Amaury Sechet good luck going forward with ABC Coin. 

Ver stressed that Bitcoin ABC including Amaury Sechet announced that they were forking away from Bitcoin Cash on November 15. Thanking them for the free airdrop to all bitcoin cash holders, they wish them good luck with their new coin 

All About How ABC Coin Is Faring 

Listing the futures is the crypto exchange Coinflex for the upcoming airdrop with ABC Coin that is paired against BCH additionally. In favor of BCH, at the press time price ratio for ABC versus BCH futures on Coinflex is 10 to 1. Likely having to reveal airdrop contingency plans, it is likely that as time gets closer to November 15, other crypto exchanges may add futures for ABC Coin.

Exchanges will have to decide whether or not the trading platform will support ABC Coin, with Bitcoin ABC splitting away from the BCH community and greater ecosystem in general. Having a hard time getting listed on popular exchanges, oftentimes, over the years, the forked coins come with little community support with no liquidity. 

Coming to the conclusion that Bitcoin ABC has not left this debate up for discussion is a great majority of the BCH community developers, businesses, and miners. As the ABC development team has ultimately chosen to take a separate path as most understand that there is no longer any need to engage in heated debates.  

Having left Bitcoin ABC and writing extensively about how Amaury Sechet is forking Bitcoin ABC away from Bitcoin Cash is the team’s former finance manager George Donnelly. Explaining how they do not support ABC’s plan, many other BCH supporters have also written long posts on the read. cash blogging platform. 

Finally, The Conclusion 

Those with skin in the game are fully against the IFP and ABC’s decision as time gets closer it will be far more apparent. They do not expect any sensible miner to choose to receive 8% less mining revenue with the existence of BCHN as a mining node according to the CEO of ASICseer.com. 

They ultimately will be creating a new airdrop coin for all the Bitcoin Cash investors after November 15 if any miners choose to follow ABC’s path. 

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