Why Is It That Crypto Means Cryptotheology? – Part 1

Crypto is equalised to religion and Christianity in particular. Here is why it is so. Read both the articles for a clear view of the topic. 

How Can We Relate Cryptocurrencies To Religion?

As much as they are technology, cryptocurrencies are a religion. Given their adherents’’ gargantuan ambition of fundamentally changing how the world works they almost have to be attracting charlatans, lunatics, frauds and false prophets and furious battles that are thereby being waged over what is the doctrinal hair-splitting as also meaning they inspire the intransigent beliefs than can and do unify many of the thousands of wildly different people across continents and time zones.

It was noted that while reading Gibbon’s Decline and Fall, in particular, its depictions of the early days of the Christian faith as the following:

Hence it is noted that what is the difference of opinion subsisting between the Orthodox, the Ebionites, and the Gnostics, concerning the divinity or the obligation of the Mosaic law that are all equally animated by the same exclusive zeal whereas by the same abhorrence for idolatry where the established religion of Paganism was to be seen by the primitive Christians coming in a much more odious and formidable light with the universal sentiment both of the church and the heretics were that the daemons were the authors, the patrons, and the objects of idolatry. 

You can perhaps read for Orthodox church, Ebionites, and Gnostics the Bitcoin maximalists, Blockchain, not bitcoin, and Ethereum maximalists disagreeing bitterly with one view being shared by all is a disdain that is verging and has frequently exceeding contempt for the fiat currencies untokenized assets and most other aspects of money and finance as they are currently constructed. Here they instead share what is a deep belief in the superiority, and inevitably supremacy, very different world.

Carelessly practiced from education and habit were the superstitious observances of public or private rites by the followers of the established religion as often as they occurred, and they afforded the Christians with an opportunity of how declaring and confirming their zealous opposition. 

With these frequent protestations, their attachment to the faith was continually fortified and so in proportion to the increased zeal they combated with the more ardor and success in the holy war as it had undertaken the empire of the demons. 

Where Do They See Cryptocurrency With Devotees?

As it is felt that few will disagree, similarly many cryptocurrency devotees are seeking out and seizing every opportunity to thereby declare and confirm their zealous opposition to the government money, central banks, rival maximalists, and other features of the monetary, financial, and/or centralised status quo. 

Assailing by the new and unexpected terrors, the careless Polytheist against which neither his priests, not his philosophers could, therefore, afford him any certain protection frequently terrified and subdued by the menace of eternal tortures. Assisting in the progress of his faith and reason are his fears and if he could persuade himself to suspect that then Christian religion might be true becoming an easy task to convince that it was the safest and most prudent party that he could embrace. 
Similarly, it isn’t controversial to note that prophecies of the hyperinflation and collapse of national currencies with the downfall of central banks and fractional reserve banking in general that are not unheard of as among some of those edgier cryptocurrency people. 

Thereby it was then referred to the notion of the preaching of the gospel of deflationary censorship-resistant cryptocurrency as the hopes of scaring everyone hearing this doomsaying into buying some Bitcoin as a hedge. 

Finally, the religious parallels do not end with Gibbon as the cryptocurrencies that were given to us by a known, living, breathing, flawed human being whereas by a pseudonymous verging-on-mythical quasi demigod. Hereafter, mythically speaking it is easily analogised to Prometheus granting humanity fire, or Moses bringing stone tablets down from Mount Sinai, where they have real and false prophets whereas even Bitcoin Jesus promises a better world tomorrow while demanding sacrifices and inconveniences. 

The Discussion Continues With More Insight On Cryptocurrency

It is often found that there is one of the most valuable facts of cryptocurrency being similar to religions. As plagued by paganists, Christianity grew up through paths paved with thorns. Hereby even crypto faces this similar opportunity where many refer to it for fraudulent activities. Why are they then still being banked upon as the safe and secure transaction mode for money? We bring you more facts that strengthen this thought process. So, wait for more from us and we assure you won’t be disappointed. Essentially more thoughts are in the open where they find it to be the best of the lot. The picture remains to be closed. 

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