Will The Blockchain Start-up With 1M Users Break Your Google Habit- Part 1

It is here to note that the ShopCity is posing to be a challenge for Google. We have described it in four parts. Read all the details. 

The Ultimate Truth 

While the truth is that the antitrust arguments which are saying that big tech needs breaking up and to stop platforms that are abusing competition, as well as consumers that are in a two, faced role as seller and the marketplace only just gets going on a mainstream political stage as start-ups have therefore been at the coal face of the fight which is against crushing platform power for years. It is here that a 2017 founded pro-privacy blockchain-based start-up Presearch using cryptocurrency tokens as an incentive to decentralize search as it hopes to loosen Google’s grip on the Internet users finding and experiencing as it was born out of the frustration that is almost a decade before trying to build a local listing business only to have the efforts downranked by Google. 

To state the fact having been founded in 2008, Silicon Valley-based ShopCity.com offered the local business search thereby on Google’s home turf whereas the operating sites like ShopPaloAlto.com and ShopMountainView.com promoted local businesses making them easier to find online. ThereforeShopCity in 2011 complained about Google’s search ranking systems as it was judging the content low quality relegating as the listings pages to the unread deeps of search results whereas listings are nonetheless backing and buying from city governments, businesses associations and local newspaper. 

According to ShopCity co-founder Colin Pape responding to a dismissive Gigaom article in 2011, they have developed a very holistic platform for the community commerce as it is why companies like the Buffalo News thereafter owned by Berkshire Hathaway partnered with them paying substantial licensing fees to use their system. 

Google And Shopcity

Thereby it is that clearing Google of anti-competitive behavior in the ShopCity case, has FTC alongside Europe’s antitrust authorities that have therefore taken a very different view about the Mountain View’s algorithm is influenced as the EU fined Google around $ 2.73 BN after a lengthy investigation into the search comparison service finding a scenario similar to ShopCity’s contention where Google had demoted rival product search services and promoting its competing comparison search product. 

The fines alone of course even those exceeding billions of dollars is not set to change anything where the tech giants once concerned as each EU antitrust decision thereby requires Google changing its regional business practices ending anti-competitive conduct too. 

As an example, where Google quietly added privacy-focused search rival DuckDuckGo to the lengthy list of default search engines offering in its Chrome browser in around 60 markets. Being a veteran pro-privacy search engine DDG is a Google rival that’s been growing usage steadily for years. Helping unlatch more previously battened down platform hatches in a way helpful to even smaller Google rivals as the antitrust risk could, the search start-ups like Presearch as the dominance of Google in search remains to be given for now while a fresh wind rattling tech giants thanking a shift in tone around technology as well as antitrust fuelled by societal concern about wider platform power and impacts aligned with fresh academic thinking. 

To regulate the Internet now growing cross-spectrum political appetite as to put it in another way where the tech backlash smells like a vote winner as it seems counterintuitive as platforms have thereby built massive consumer businesses that are thereby heavily marketing free consumer-friendly services with shiny freebies sprouting a hydra of ugly heads in recent years, whether its Facebook fuelled, democracy denting disinformation as the YouTube has accelerated hate speech as also extremism with a penchant of Twitter for creating safe spaces for nazis making friends and influencing people. 

What Does The Complaint Of ShopCity Say?

Via an updated privacy legal framework that highlights how the faceless companies are lurking in the background of the internet as the European privacy regulations have further helped decloak AdTech making money by selling intelligence, they’ve gleaned by spying on what web users are browsing. While this is just the consumer side, for small businesses and start-ups they are trying to compete with platform goliaths engineering and optimizing to throw their bulk around deploying massive networks and resources to tractor-beam and data-mine anything from product development to the usage and app trends to the next start-up acquisition. 

According to Pape, it was the real genesis moment behind Presearch where the realizations of just how big Google has recounted the history of the ShopCity FTC complaint. Furthermore, he comments that in 2011 they woke up one day as also found out that 80-90% of the Google traffic disappeared as all of these sites while some of those that had been online for more than a decade as it was being run in partnership with city governments and chambers of commerce demoted onto page eight of Google. It is true that even if you typed them by name it had effectively in their backyard shut down the local initiative. 

He adds that they ended up participating in this investigation while ultimately it cleared Google as they have been aware of the market power which they have and certainly it could be perceived as monopolistic practices with a huge challenge as anybody trying to do any sort of publishing or anything on the web where Google is the gatekeeper. Thereby it is with Presearch, Pape, and co. are hoping to go after Google in its techie backyard of search. 

To Be Continued

The discussion doesn’t stop here about the blockchain start-up. We bring you more in the following posts. 

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