A Report On The Telegram Launching A Secret $850M Second Cryptocurrency Token Pre-Sale

TON is set to revolutionize the crypto industry. Know the reasons behind it and why it is so. The report is quite knowledgeable. 

Where Is TON Headed?

Heading for an even bigger rollout is telegram the encrypted messenger service set to launch what could be the world’s largest ICO as the company is still planning to raise another $ 850 million in the so-called second pre-sale for the new TON token according to The Verge. The funds thereby raised for the new cryptocurrency is up to more than $ 1.6 billion before the public even has a chance to invest as this pre-sale would happen before the official ICO launch date. 

Raising $850 Million From 81 Investors

Already earning funds from 81 accredited investors, including major players like Sequoia Capital Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov has contributors including roughly $ 850 million for the launch of the new cryptocurrency. Therefore, Telegram attempts to double the amount of money it has already earned by setting up a second pre-sale all from additional accredited investors. 

As investors received an email from Telegram explaining the process reports of the secretive second pre-sale circulated as the exact size of the second pre-sale has yet to be determined or revealed whereas by now it is likely to be roughly the same as the first round and accordingly to Bloomberg these tokens are sold for $ 1,33 which is triple the price of the first round. 

How ICO Could Top With A Staggering $2.6 Billion?

The previous record being just $ 232 million, telegram’s first pre-sale already constituted the largest ICO in history thereafter launching the second pre-sale where the messenger service could definitely be the first ICO to break the $1 billion thresholds and according to the report cited by Bloomberg, the ICO could thereby raise $ 2.55 billion which is yet another sale as they could open to non-accredited investors for $ 2.40 per token which is expected. 

Intended as an Ethereum like network providing a variety of apps and services, TON comes as a store for the purchase of both digital and physical products as the detractors drawing a great deal of investor interest and cash has suggested that Telegram’s plan for TON is lacking in critical details. 

It is previously however with many other ICOs the question remains as to whether or not there is investor interest in Telegram as the result of a legitimately compelling model that could upend the industry as it has also fuelled by speculation and hype. Therefore, only time can tell if the amount of money in Telegram’s coffers continues to grow. 

Here The Litecoin Cash Forks But Why Are Cryptocurrency Investors Barely Noticing It?

As Litecoin blockchain was forked and as also that Litecoin cash has failed to draw in a following, a small spike in price was made at the point where Litecoin cash has climbed above $ 7 per token with the new cryptocurrency fell to around $3 over the weekend meaning that Litecoin cash is just a tiny percentage of the value of the official Litecoin project. Attempting to explain why investors have yet to take particular interest in LCC a report by CoinDesk explores the early days of the new cryptocurrency.  

A Notable Start Which Was Followed ByLackluster Prices

Shortly after it was launched, the Litecoin cash was initially valued at close to $1.40 as it surged nearly six-fold to a high of $ 9.25 as with extreme volatility it is a hallmark of the cryptocurrency space with an impressive start for the new token. 

Litecoin’s value climbed with investors securing their holdings on the fifth most valuable digital currency in the world as an effort to secure more Litecoin cash at the time of the fork whereas Litecoin itself has benefitted from the fork and the quick gains for LCC.

Even though LCC has sputtered following this impressive beginning, it is perhaps one reason that is seamless forking experience while other high profile forks are such as those for bitcoin that has been dramatic as well as prolonged discussion among different factions in the debate. Among other things, it is seen to publicize the proceedings as well as make the crypto investment community aware of the fork itself as it has served. Going smoothly in comparison with relatively little discussion Litecoin’s fork comes as a result of the possibility that many investors were simply unaware of the fork and the generation of Litecoin cash in the first place. 

Why Are Exchanges Sluggish To Adopt?

No major exchange has yet announced its support for the new token as another possible reason why Litecoin cash has been slow to catch on as earlier LCC was listed only on YoBit as the Litecoin cash website indicated the availability of LCC as exchanges like Trade Satoshi as well as Mercatox before either of those exchanges offered the new token.

The name of the project is finally a drawback as the Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee had thereby spoken out about the decision to call the token Litecoin cash thereby saying it was reminiscent of the polarising bitcoin cash fork. 

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