All You Need To Know About "Cardano" The Giant Newcomer Cryptocurrency.

Cardano is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source.

All You Need To Know About "Cardano" The Giant Newcomer Cryptocurrency.

Identified by the symbol ADA, and coming around just months ago, Cardano is a new cryptocurrency but with a giant stride among its kind. It is also a decentralized public blockchain. Cardano is indeed a fully open source. As a new cryptocurrency, it’s developing a smart contract platform that aims at delivering sophisticated features that are more advanced than any protocol before it.

Experts say that it’s the first blockchain network evolving from a scientific approach and the philosophy of research.

Cardano’s Acceptability

It has gained a lot of fame and popularity within a short time. Cardano has been teasingly called the “Ethereum of Japan” and for good reasons. One reason is that 95% of the participants in Cardano (ADA) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) were from Japan when it came around. But now, it’s a global coin that is more reputable for a serious research-based approach being anchored by what has been described as “a global team of scientists and academics who have meticulously studied the blockchain space and what makes a coin successful.”

Bitcoin Cash Vision

The vision of Bitcoin Cash is to be the peer-to-peer electronic cash that will have the lowest fees and most reliable confirmations.

Cardano’s Creation

Cardano was created by the Blockchain developer Input Output Hong Kong, IOHK. The brains behind Cardano are a worldwide group of experts from the engineering and research fields. Though it’s a relatively new digital currency, it’s been around since 2015 as a blockchain project by Charles Hoskinson who co-founded Ethereum.

Cardano’s Vision

Cardano aims at creating the next generation smart contract platform and ecosystem. This is expected to be the product of improvement on the lessons learned from the cryptocurrencies that came before it. It claims to be “the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach.”

Cardano’s Specialty

Cardano specializes in improving the lessons learned from the flaws noticed in Bitcoin and Ethereum. That’s why there are noticeable comparisons between Cardano’s innovations those of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Generating Cardano

The maximum Cardano coin that is expected to be generated has been put at 45 billion. As a confirmation of the ease of generation, there are over 26 billion Cardano coins already in circulation as at the time of this writing. According to the creators, the generation of Cardano incorporates a groundbreaking Proof of Stake algorithm, Ouroboros, and their team used a first principle approach being driven by peer-reviewed academic research.

Cardano’s Users

All these scientific approaches boil down to one thing: protection of the right to privacy of the users and taking care of the needs of the regulators. This makes Cardano the first protocol to effectively balance the requirements of all the participants in its network. This is a noble pace in trading in cryptocurrencies. Since the economic needs change from time to time, Cardano system is easily upgradable by means soft fork with a treasury system installed which guarantees the sustainability of the protocol.

Where to Buy Cardano

A good number of exchanges throughout the world are picking up interest in Cardano. As it is the case with other currencies, you may have to compare the prices when you’re buying or selling your coins so as to have the best deal of the moment. The following are a few of such exchanges.

  1. Binnace
  2. Bittrex
  3. Coinnest

Cardano’s Market Value

Analyzing them in terms of market cap, some experts have recently put Cardano also in the number 6 position among the most traded cryptocurrencies in the world with the market cap of $14,943,041,178 while it was even put at $23 billion. It has been valued at $791 though, with a price of $0.58.

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