Analysts are now seeing flows Into Bitcoin as Gold Sees Largest Weekly Outflow Ever, why is then the Metal Prices Spiralling Lower? 

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Analysts are now seeing flows Into Bitcoin as Gold Sees Largest Weekly Outflow Ever, why is then the Metal Prices Spiralling Lower? 

Price Of Gold Is Spiralling 

As the precious metal’s prices have slid a great deal since a number of vaccine companies have revealed medicines to combat the coronavirus, gold investors are getting anxious. After the precious metal registered the third straight weekly loss in a row, the price of one ounce of fine gold is valued at $1,770 per unit. As investors seem to be selling the safe-haven asset in great numbers, moreover, last week gold saw the largest weekly outflow ever. 

As the price of the precious metal is down more than 14.5% since the all-time high this past August, the gold process per ounce continues to spiral lower in value. Claiming to have produced medicines that will help battle Covid-19, the reason for the low value during the last few weeks may be due to the progress stemming from vaccine manufacturers.

Believing the most recent vaccine news is probably the driver is Craig Erlam, an analyst from the forex exchange OANDA. 

In an interview on Monday, Erlam said, they are seeing some outflows in safe-haven assets like the dollar, treasuries, and the same is being reflected in gold prices, along with the news of the vaccines that has led to a lot of optimism in the market. 

As Analysts Speak On The Prices

As analysts suspect that gold investors are cashing out, meanwhile gold has also seen the largest weekly outflow ever. Sharing a chart last week showing the massively sized gold outflows is for instance the independent financial researcher at the Gold Observer, Jan Nieuwenhuijs. 

The chief analyst at Activtrades Carlo Alberto De Casa said the short-term trend for bullion has been compromised by the price falling through the support level at $1,850 alongside this in an investor’s note on Monday. Further adding to it, the Activtrades chief analyst says: 

It comes to be that they haven’t forgotten that these central banks will be then forced to print money for many years to help the economy to recover from the Covid-19 crisis as investors have moved to other assets seeking faster gains. 

Here we find those investors and analysts who see the precious metal’s money flow going into that of cryptocurrency economy of course. This has put a lot of eyes on bitcoin and digital asset investments moreover as traditional market sentiment has improved a great deal. The sentiment comes to be improving in traditional markets as well as the world according to Simon Peters, an analyst at Etoro. 

Peters then added that with debates raging as to whether they reached a new all-time high or not, all eyes have been on bitcoin in the past week. Continuing, the Etoro analyst said,

Cryptocurrencies Vs Gold Prices

A price correction was bound to occur and the fall this week is more than coincidence after the blistering run in the past eight weeks. Just days before thanksgiving and the blockbuster sales of Black Friday, it seems that many investors that have held since December 2017 have chosen to take their profits with the bitcoin having finally hit a three year high on Tuesday.  

That he planned to sell all of his gold reserves for cryptocurrencies is furthermore, macro strategist Raoul Pal telling his 282,000 Twitter followers. The macro strategist tweeted, to sell all his gold and to scale it to buy BTC and ETH (80/20), he has a sell order tomorrow. He added that he doesn’t own anything except for some bond calls and some dollars, where 98% of his liquid net worth. 

Also discussing money from gold flowing into the crypto economy this week is the co-founder at Three Arrows Capital, Kyle Davies. 

Davies tweeted on Sunday, that here no one goes gold-> $ BTC -> alts. From USD or gold to BTC, this year has seen a big high net worth inflows. This does not come to be retail. Going into ripples aren’t these guys. 

Bitcoin touched an all-time high of $ 19,864 on Monday, November 30, 2020, on the exchange Bitstamp. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

Gold bug Peter Schiff has felt the need to attack bitcoin on Twitter while crypto assets like bitcoin are on a tear and gold prices are seeing weekly lows week after a week per usual. It is noted that with bitcoin’s future value, Schiff is thereby not too pleased with the fact that there comes a number of CNBC news anchors similar to Brian Kelly are bullish. 

On Monday, Schiff tweeted that it is limited as the reason it's so easy for those bitcoin pumpers now fooling CNBC anchors into buying into the mania is that their understanding of investments, fiat money, gold, and economics. Thereafter he now adds that as with CNBC anchors coming to be entertainers, the sports anchors know something more about sports at least. Bitcoin touched an all-time high of $19,864 on Monday, November 30, 2020, meanwhile on the exchange Bitstamp. 

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