As Celebrities Are Flocking to Crypto in Great Number, Lindsay Lohan Tweets 'Bitcoin to the Moon'

The sudden attention of celebrities to the crypto world is being viewed as a step ahead. Why is bitcoin so interesting for them? What are the details they are paying attention to?

As Celebrities Are Flocking to Crypto in Great Number, Lindsay Lohan Tweets 'Bitcoin to the Moon'

Here Is Bitcoin Gaining Undivided Attention 

A great number of celebrities started jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon ever since bitcoin and a number of other digital assets started seeing price gains 11 months ago. Talking about digital currencies like bitcoin are more recently famous people like Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, the retired American rapper Logic, hit record producer Murda Beatz, and Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams.

The well-known actress Lindsay Lohan tweeted about the leading currency to her 8.4 million followers on Wednesday. 

Famous people have joined the crypto economy in some way or another for years now. A great number of celebrities have shown interest in crypto whether they talk about crypto assets, invest in digital currency companies, or invest in bitcoin itself. 

Being connected to the crypto space in some form are luminaires like Paris Hilton, Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson, Serena Williams, Manny Pacquiao, Lionel Messi, Ashton Kutcher, and more. Celebs have been coming out of the woodwork during the last 11 months since the crypto asset BTC and a slew of alternative cryptos started rising in value. 

When the hip-hop star was running against Joe Biden and Donald Trump for the US Presidential Election as just recently was reported on Kanye West. That bitcoin supporter really has a perspective on what the true liberation of American and humanity will be was what West told Joe Rogan in an interview during his candidacy. 

Dropping around $6 million into bitcoin was the Grammy-nominated rapper known as Logic (Robert Bryson Hall ll) after the election.

Pondering on creating his own non-fungible token (NFT) assets was the rapper Soulja Boy examining cryptocurrency solutions during the last 30-days. 

Why Are Celebrities Attracted To Bitcoin? 

As a number of well-known celebrities have been jumping into the NFT space, Soulja Boy is a bit late to the NFT party. For over $1 million in ether, for instance, the Rick and Morty cartoonist Justin Roiland sold an NFT art collection. 

Auctioning some NFT creations was just recently Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda. For the leading cryptocurrency additionally, companies have been using popular celebrities to do cameo endorsements. The cybersecurity company Halborn and its cofounder Rob Behnke got a number of big-name stars to plug bitcoin on the 12th anniversary of the bitcoin white paper. 

Including RZA, Hassan Johnson, Charlamagne Tha God, Doug Benson, Carole Baskin, Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff, and Gilbert Gottfried were celebrity cameos for the 12th-anniversary celebration. 

David Hasselhoff was saying in his guest appearance video that bitcoin was not thereby invented by Satoshi Nakamoto rather, bitcoin was started with the Hoff. 

Asking her followers if she should invest in bitcoin was The New Mutants and Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams creating a poll in mid-November 2020. Including Tesla’s Elon Musk and Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor, a number of well-known people replied. 

In October 2020, hit record producer Murda Beatz told his fans that he purchased bitcoin. The American actress, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan tweeted about bitcoin on February 10, 2021. Thereby as Lohan tweeted along with a rocket ship emoji, it read “ Bitcoin to the moon”. 

Reporting on the Kiss bassist and Rockstar Gene Simmons and his opinions about the cryptocurrency phenomenon was the reporter's recently. Simmons told podcast host Dustin Plantholt that it's immediate and you don’t have to deal with banks as he doesn’t believe for a second that most people understand what cryptocurrency is, what it is designed to do. 

In regard to the meme-based crypto-asset dogecoin, Simmons has been tweeting away with Elon Musk and the hip-hop star Snoop Dogg. Along with side rappers such as Gramatik, 50 Cent, TI, Akon, Nas, and Talib Kweli, Snoop has been into cryptocurrencies for quite some time. 

Hip hop moguls like Jermane Prime, Young Thug, and Swae Lee have therefore shown interest in cryptocurrencies as well more recently. Including Ali Spagnola, Logan Paul, Andrei Jikh, and even Pewdiepie, popular YouTube stars have also been into cryptocurrencies these days. 

John Lennon’s son explained that bitcoin empowers people and it was one thing that made him optimistic toward the future at the end of November. As they like to please the masses, it is likely that as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin grow more popular and celebrities and luminaries will jump on the bandwagon. 

Final Words On The Discussion 

That the leading crypto asset is closing in at the top, however, some people think that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan tweeting about bitcoin may be a sign. Using the app the popular actress tweeted on Wednesday that she created a new non-fungible token asset. 

Lohan’s NFT description notes that she then believes in a world that comes to be financially decentralised as it is the power of dreams to be the core lightning network of humans. 

This, therefore, holds true for bitcoin and its fellow counterparts. So, it is necessary to watch the stage as the drama unfolds.

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