As SINOVATE’s New Infinity Nodes Then Provide Up To 130% The Returns Are Better Than DeFi

What do you need to know about SINOVATE? More details are being considered more than regular DeFi. Read the article to know more.

As SINOVATE’s New Infinity Nodes Then Provide Up To 130% The Returns Are Better Than DeFi


Providing game-changing decentralised cloud storage to the market is SINOVATE’s Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) dCloud network. This will provide it with the stability and longevity needed to run this ground-breaking service, the network needs reliable, distributed hardware, and dedicated servers. 

2020 – What a Year for Crypto

The situation is like that of a roller coaster of a ride going from rampant COVID-19 market uncertainty to the 350% BTC price appreciation since March, and thereby to the return of crypto to the mainstream media spotlight. The often-touted supply chain use case has found good application in helping to alleviate the issues resulting from over-subscribed retail and commercial supply chains as we approach the year-end and we have seen innovative responses to the pandemic born from the blockchain. When it comes to rigorous quality control as well as traceability, there are two elements thereafter being handled succinctly by blockchain application not to mention the use case for distribution of a COVID vaccine. 

One which is part of a world of indecision and grim outlook, perhaps too is the rise in price signals that people are once again, therefore, searching for the one alternative that is to be the traditional financial system which has now failed them. Sentiment in the crypto industry is up comparatively. Doubled from $1 bn in 2019 to $2bn this year in 2020 was PwC’s estimate on big money’s presence in the industry. 42% of those hedge funds were involved in cryptocurrency staking or to those familiar with industry terms, DeFi as what more is interesting to note. 

Truly taking DeFi in its stride is the market. A total of $1 bn was locked in DeFi contracts in February of this year. That figure had risen by more than 400% to a total of over $4bn a short 6 months later in August. The figure approaches a staggering $14 bn which represents 1400% growth in commitment this year as of 20th November 2020. To understand that there is a link between the fantastic returns offered by DeFi and the general uptick in the Crypto industry it does not take a great stretch of the imagination. 

DeFi: All That Glitters is not Gold

We are used to the hype in the crypto industry. You don’t have to look far to see the same issues as we saw plenty of it in 2017, when the ICO craze first hit, and for DeFi, staggering numbers aside. News of bad actors, scams, pumps, and dumps, exposed through Telegram groups and in case you are lucky, even executed on exchanges where funds can be returned is never far from the headlines. 

We have got to look at the possibility of thereby repeating our past mistakes which are committing undue amounts of wealth to projects with no tangible backing, no history, and no team is inviting trouble and with an eerie warning coming from a mysterious whale touting 99% of DeFi as a scam. At the mercy of the market, and the mercy of the DeFi bubble popping, it leaves investors. 

Deterministic Infinity Nodes: An Alternative to DeFi

That a solution to the latent shortcomings in the world of passive income should become apparent this month, it comes at a perfect time. Coming the release of the Deterministic Infinity Nodes, or DIN for short and some impressive returns are being offered for operating nodes on the SINOVATE network was the present hard fork in the SINOVATE project’s code. 

The network needs reliable, distributed hardware and dedicated servers which then provides it with the stability and longevity needed to run this groundbreaking service as in short SINOVATE’s Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) dCloud network that comes to be thereby with the game-changing as well as decentralised cloud storage for the crypto market. 

Users stake their choice of SIN coins as collateral to start a node. At the start of the 12 months and returned over the year by daily rewards thereafter providing the financial incentive to wait the full year out reducing inflationary pressure the collateral is burnt. At the following levels, SINOVATE is rewarding users. 

MINI DIN (100,000 SIN Collateral) – 130% returns

MID DIN (500,000 SIN Collateral) – 30.6% returns

BIG DIN (1,000,000 SIN Collateral) – 27% returns

As of now, SINOVATE has implemented what is their one-click node setup thereby allowing users to get their node running automatically within a matter of minutes instead of the hours usually associated with node set up as the best part is no tricky master node setup. 

No Node? No Problem – Introducing HCO

SINOVATE still wanted to make great rates of passive income available to everyone no matter their level of wealth even though running a node is easy. This is the reason why they are introducing the HCO. Here users may get up to 15% APY from locking up to 75,000 SIN for up to 1 year. Found below is the full breakdown. 

12-Month Lock – 15% APY

6-Month Lock – 6% APY

3-Month Lock – 3% APY

SINOVATE team now comes to be funding this initiative directly from the development budget thereafter meaning that there will be surely no new tokens minted, neutralising inflationary impacts resulting from the initiative, and what’s more, there is no hurry as there comes to be only 64 days left of the initiative. 


However, what is also apparent is that scam projects and bad actors are running amok in the market at the moment as it is true that DeFi has changed the financial landscape this year, and it comes to be true that we expect more from our money. There are many more updates on the way in the next 6 months and now they have an answer to DeFi as SINOVATE is a project with a game-changing proposition, a dedicated and community-focused development team, and the potential to go further than any the project has before their hard fork just released.

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