As The BCH Supporters Set The Gym Up With An Uncensorable Fundraiser, Atilis Gym Chooses to Accept Crypto Donations 

What happened to Atilis Gym could also happen to you. Why is then cryptocurrency helping you? BCH supporters go beyond the way to help the gym people

As The BCH Supporters Set The Gym Up With An Uncensorable Fundraiser, Atilis Gym Chooses to Accept Crypto Donations 

Ian Smith revealed Atilis Gym has now set up a crypto wallet after the co-owner of the Atilis Gym in New Jersey appeared on TV and told the public, the state then had taken over $173k from the bank account of the gym owner. It was then found the supporters of peer-to-peer electronic cash had then created a proposal just on the permissionless fundraising application called Flipstarter where the people can donate bitcoin cash toward those legal efforts of the gym owner as Smith then explained it is a number of people who then didn’t want to donate using the old Gofundme platform. 

Uncensorable Money Advocates Help Atilis Gym Owners

Owned by Ian Smith and his business partner Frank Trumbetti, just recently it was reported on the Atilis Gym in New Jersey. During the gym owner’s appeals process, last week Smith told the public that New Jersey’s Governor Philip Murphy seized the gym’s legal defence funds.

The Atilis Gym co-owner appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson in order to tell his story as the state took $173,613.60 according to Smith. 

Disrupting the business operations for Atilis Gym co-owners Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, was the state of New Jersey, NJ Governor Philip Murphy, and the State Health Commissioner. Enforced by the state, Atilis Gym doesn’t comply with NJ Covid-19 rules. The owners do not mandate that gym patrons have to wear a mask for instance. Just recently Smith accused the state of seizing $173k as of this Atilis Gym has been fined by NJ at $15k per day. 

To protect themselves from another form of asset seizure, during Smith’s conversation with Tucker the two discussed accepting cryptocurrencies in order for the gym owners. Setting up a cryptocurrency account was a frequent recommendation as the Atilis Gym co-owner told Tucker. 

On what happened to the Atilis Gym owner’s legal defence funds, following the story, founder Roger Ver shared a video on Twitter explaining. In his tweet Ver further explained: 

To uncensorable peer-to-peer electronic cash and Flipstartercash, it's time for the world to switch from censorable banks and Gofundme. 

Here it comes that called the “ Atilis Gym Patriots Bitcoin Cash Fundraiser, there was the video, moreover, Ver shared just a Flipstarter fundraising link. Using today’s BCH exchange rates, the Flipstarter fundraiser aims to raise approximately 42 BCH or more than $20k. The Atilis Gym Flipstarter has raised 24.96 BCH or just over $12k so far at the time of publication. 

Way Better Than Big Government Can People Take Care of Each Other

Looking to assist the gym the Atilis Gym co-owner also tweeted about the help his business received from BCH proponents. 

On Sunday Ian Smith tweeted: 

These guys come to be incredible. Helping the Atilis Gym set up a crypto wallet and have started a fundraiser for us, they heard about what happened with the illegal asset seizure. Way better than the big government can, once again showing that people can take care of each other. 

Held On The Flipstarter Platform, The Atilis Gym Patriots Bitcoin Cash Fundraiser 

The Atilis Gym co-owner said that a number of people who wanted to donate to our cause did not want to use the banks or Gofundme in another tweet. Setting up a crypto-based Fundraiser was @be_cashy. Smith added a big shout out to these guys. To hear about Atilis Gym being set up with a crypto account and a fundraiser on Flipstarter, a number of BCH supporters were thrilled. 

On Twitter, the BCH supporter David Bond wrote to Smith that they can’t steal it if you keep your money in bitcoin cash. He added to pay your lawyer in Bitcoin Cash, or you can spend it on gift cards or on, Bitcoin comes as freedom money. 

Explaining why the donation portal was created as it serves a dual purpose was the fundraiser creator on Flipstarter. The Atilis Gym fundraiser description on Flipstarter notes, they decided to do something about it after reading about the unjust treatment of Atilis gym and seizure of their funds by government thugs. For Atilis they are raising funds.

They are talking about non-confiscatable bitcoin cash rather than the fiat money that can be seized by unaccountable tyrants. 

Further stating, the Flipstarter description read:

Serving a dual purpose is what they are hoping about this fundraiser. Those who are standing up against unconstitutional and unscientific lockdowns, firstly to help the brave heroes at Atilis. To spread awareness about cryptocurrency secondly. Taking control of their own money it’s time for people everywhere to drop the banks. Donated to Atilis will be 100% of the funds raised. 

The Final Words 

Those who have already donated to the Atilis BCH fund on Flipstarter, individuals can also see a variety of individuals. Donating a whopping 20.50 BCH to the Atilis Gym’s cause and litigation costs was one individual, the BCH proponent Marc De Mesel. 

De Mesel wrote after donating that he admires gym guys. The investor added, standing up to the police they are courageous to refuse masks.

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