Blockchain Is The Future: So Forget Bitcoin

Forget bitcoin. Know more about blockchain technology. Why is it the future of technology?

Blockchain Is The Future: So Forget Bitcoin

Why Go For Blockchain Technology?

Making use of the distributed ledger technology known as blockchain is the cryptocurrency of all types. To record and document transactions, these decentralized systems involving a particular digital currency is the blockchain helping a transaction ledger to maintain the identical copies throughout each member computer within a network. Facilitating the security of the blockchain is the fact that the ledger is distributed across each part of the network helping to facilitate the security of the blockchain.

Growing intensely popular among the general financial and investment worlds in late 2017 and early 2018 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have since become more of a niche area for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For companies across a host of industries, blockchain technology remains a quickly growing area of growth. Blockchain technology is set to be seen as the most important innovation to come out of the cryptocurrency boom. The following section includes a closer look at the blockchain and why technology is valuable to businesses of all kinds. 

Basics Of Blockchain

Although most blockchain networks have complex rules, for the addition of new groups of records, blocks to the chain of previous records, depending upon the blockchain, parties may be able to view previous ledger entries and record new entries. Protected by powerful cryptography ensuring that previous transactions within the network cannot be either forged or destroyed are the blocks and contents within them. In this way, the blockchain technology allows a digital currency to maintain the trusted transaction network that comes without relying on a central authority for the main reason that digital currencies are being thought of as decentralized.

Facilitating the rise of digital currencies over the past several years, blockchain is most famous for its role where there are also many other noncryptocurrency uses for this technology. Certain blockchain proponents believe that this technology is sure to far outpace cryptocurrencies as they in terms of the overall impact, along with the real potential of blockchain which is not only discovered but also likely to be the financial advisors as many others in the investing world is sure to encounter blockchain technology which is much more in the years to come other than that linked with specific cryptocurrency even though it is being utilized in any number of other applications.  

Cross-Border Payments

The transfer of value that has been both expensive and slow traditionally especially for payments taking place across international borders, the one reason is that as the multiple currencies are involved, the transfer process requires the participation of multiple banks in multiple locations before the intended recipient collects his or her money. Helping facilitate the process in a faster way, the existing services tend to be quite expensive. 

The technology comes with a potential to provide a much faster and cheaper alternative to the traditional cross border payment methods where blockchain while typically accounts for money remittance costs that might be as high as 20% and for the transfer amount it allows for costs which are just a fraction of the well guaranteed and real-time transaction processing speeds. Hurdles including regulation of cryptocurrencies in different parts of the world and security concerns have to be passed nonetheless this is one of the most promising and talked about areas of blockchain technology application. 

Smart Contracts

While they are seen as a highly powerful application of blockchain technology, these smart contracts come as computer program overseeing all the aspects of an agreement from facilitation to execution. Smart contracts when conditions are met can be entirely self-executing and self-enforcing. These tools provide a more secure more automated alternative to traditional contract law, as proponents of smart contracts as well as an application that is faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

Essentially limitless and existing in almost any field of business in which the contract law would normally apply the potential applications of smart contract technology while highly touted are not a magical substitute for old fashioned diligence. In this scenario, the decentralized autonomous organization is a cautionary tale and a warning to investors to not assume smart contracts any better than the information and organization that the user puts into them. Smart contracts remain to be one of the most exciting ways that blockchain technology already extends beyond cryptocurrency space and into the broader business world. 

Identity Management

Identity security has been one of the most problematic results of the internet age as diligent individuals and organizations maintain online identities securing private information which are always nefarious actors who are planning to get away with the profit off of these digital items. Already demonstrated, blockchain technology has the potential for transforming the way online identity management takes place.

Offering a tremendous level of security, blockchain thanks an independent verification process taking place throughout member computers on a blockchain network. This verification in digital currency cases is used to approve transaction blocks before they are added to the chain. Applying this mechanism easily to other types of verification procedures includes identity verification as well as the applications. 

Being wide-ranging the application for blockchain and identity management, for instance, could potentially be used to aid in maintaining voter information and ensuring proper functioning of the electoral process. It could be used to securely and efficiently transfer user data across platforms and systems. The technology now maintains and protects records of real estate ownership, titles, and many more. 

Supply Chain Uses

A key to success is a well functioning efficient supply chain for many businesses across various industries and blockchain has already been used in multiple industries as a means of keeping tabs on supply chains ensuring their efficiency. This possibly eliminates human work as well as the potential for error from a complex and crucial process. 


At this point Blockchain technology comes as an exceptionally broad set of potential uses. this is because it is the most famous one for connections and the blossoming cryptocurrency world has applications yet to be explored. It is perhaps even more exciting though that the new ways of utilizing blockchain emerge every day. Whether you are directly involved in digital currency space or not it is essential to develop an understanding of blockchain and how it may be used to transform the business and investment worlds. 

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