Breathalyzers, Selfies And Body Sweat? What Can Be A Wallet Password Replacement?

Techies are on the run to invent new modes to protect the Bitcoin wallet passwords. Know about these alternatives from the security options available.

Why Do We Need An Alternative To Typing Passwords?

From mobile payment industry, without having to enter complicated passwords is exciting news as people won’t use mobile wallets if they have to enter a complicated password before every single purchase, as at the same time without strong security in front of mobile payments, fraud and hacking are sure to ruin the party. 

Bio signatures approving purchases is what the future is likely to be as Apple is going for good old fingerprint, with Apple Pay and Touch ID, what is the option. It could be Breathalyzer, selfie as well as body sweat to be the actual options and are they as slick as they sound? 

Thanks to Google Glass, as well as Amazon Fire Phone, these are even the loftiest of value propositions backed by billions of dollars still face plant on reality. With no exceptions are the contenders in the password showdown. 

Selfie Payments

In case you can take a selfie of your smiling face why type a password instead? You will be able to pay for a latte as well as tell Facebook all in one tap with Alipay’s new facial recognition technology as you are sure that everyone on social media is dying to know what you drank for breakfast. 

The last thing America’s image needs is the Facebook and Twitter feed chock-full of checkout selfies as the hackers eventually figure out how to take the picture and 3D print the face to spoof the technology.

Breathalyzer Security

While Swiss scientists found every individual has a unique breath print, the idea of blowing air is easier than typing passwords as someone will create a Breathalyzer that can distinguish one person from another.

It isn’t farfetched where combing BAC Breathalyzer with password detectors as one company already tries reading hydration levels and breathe quality from a Breathalyzer attached to smartphones to detect passwords of the Bitcoin wallet. Whereas the password could certainly become one of many breaths based biosignatures captured from a single device. As breath is quite hard to steal, it could serve as one method to do away with the password. 

Retina Scan

Get ready to hold a smartphone camera to your eyes where ZTE’s GrandS3 smartphone is already there for you and others are sure to follow. In case hackers can spoof your eye scan, with or without the gruesome robbery there is no good fix. 

Sweat It Out

Your sweat is full of biometric data that tech companies want. From hydration levels and electrolyte balance to lactate threshold and glucose, sweat has a lot to say. While in reality, it seems inevitable that someone is sure to come up with a sweat print soon enough and then why not let your IoT sweat whiffer tell that you can be sold a smoothie. While it is possible in hot humid environments, sweating could be impossible during winters.

NFC Chips Under Your Skin

The first man to embed NFC chips in his hands was Martijn Wismeijer where if one hand holds his contact information and the other contains the private key to his Bitcoin wallet. With a wave of his hand, he can exchange bitcoins with anyone bringing you the payment security you are desperately searching for. While they are nice perks when paying and never forgetting the wallet, it is difficult to convince people to suffer through painful unnecessary injection is going to be a tough sell. 


Using a fingerprint would be a poor decision whereas rebranding the fingerprints are a good way to approve payments and if ApplePay believes, shouldn’t we. It is possible that a tech-savvy child could set up fingerprint profiles as criminals could scrape the fingerprints from elevator buttons, ATMs and touch screen kiosks.

Think Long Term

While passwords aren’t forever, the body parts are hopefully meaning that the great risk of biosecurity that once hackers obtain your fingerprint and learn to spoof your selfie as the biosignatures can’t secure anything with no simple way to fix it. In case many of us have nearly 50 different written passwords for the Bitcoin wallet to keep track of, they also remain the most adaptable way to protect accounts, payments, and our digital world.

While amongst all the above options, Breathalyzer is particularly interesting as it is the extremely hardest to steal and replicate breath without the knowledge of the owner and attached or built into smartphones, we could pay with a puff and never type a password again. 

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