Building A Robust Workplace For Blockchain Enthusiasts Are The Kelta Cafes

A description of Kelta cafes that are the future of blockchain enthusiasts. Read the report and decide for yourself. How is the Kelta café making it easy for blockchains?

Building A Robust Workplace For Blockchain Enthusiasts Are The Kelta Cafes

Introducing Kelta Cafes To Blockchain Enthusiasts. 

In the last few years, blockchain technology has experienced a lot of growth. It was found that the immutable peer-to-peer distributed ledger system in the initial stage created by Satoshi Nakamoto was given a little chance to survive. On several blockchain projects, many people are still betting. Attracting many experts driven towards technology is the popularity of blockchain. 90% of European banks explored blockchain in 2019 according to the report published by Techjury. 

Including investors, blockchain developers, and business experts who have joined many blockchain projects worldwide, the blockchain ledger has attracted many professionals. An average salary for a blockchain developer is between $150,000 and $175,000 per year when compared to an average software engineer with a salary of $137,000 per year according to Hired. 

As blockchain companies are now more lucrative than other industries' jobs, the blockchain environment is attractive to experts. In selected places across Europe at Kelta, we understand that and plan to build a business workspace café for blockchain experts. To meet and collaborate in person, currently, there are limited options for blockchain experts around the world. By creating blockchain cafes, we plan on building workspaces across Europe and other parts of the world. To start a new blockchain project within Kelta cafes, experts worldwide can form a team with investors and venture capitalists. Kelta cafes will focus on providing a strictly dedicated environment to blockchain technology experts and enthusiasts as the collaborative efforts are compatible with our workspace. 

The Idea Behind Kelta Cafes 

To discuss the latest happenings in technology, Kelta cafes were developed towards creating a temporary habitat for people. Providing the blockchain teams with a suitable environment for development, our workspaces are designed to always have an internet connection. We find that here coming in through relevant discussions are the new ideas, innovation comes to be made, along with suitable investors supporting potential ideas to become successful projects. 

Also when it was observed that in the earlier part of 2019, according to, there were 1.5 billion raised through IEOs (initial exchange offerings). Raising the capital for their projects, is one of the most significant challenges blockchain projects have. With top exchanges demanding up to US$ 3 million for listing their projects, the process of listing on exchanges is capital intensive and a laborious process. 

In their project’s initial stages, most blockchain start-ups cannot afford to pay up to that amount. Due to the challenges of raising capital, we understand that new blockchain innovation may not be brought to life. 

Enabling a hassle-free money-raising environment, Kelta cafes provide a robust environment for blockchain venture capitalists to invest in blockchain projects. With our workspaces, the process of listing projects and verifying identities is eliminated. 

Many projects are not more than a beautifully designed whitepaper as another problem with blockchain’s public space is scams. Eventually, than actually executing the projects, it is safer to say that all these projects invest more in graphic designers and other paraphernalia. 

Suggesting that up to $100 million in cryptocurrency has been stolen via initial coin offerings exit scams, is a blockchain intelligence firm, Dair, in their new research. It is found that many of the investors come to be reluctant to back new projects that are listed on exchanges. Trust can quickly be gained because project owners can physically meet with investors with our Kelta unique blockchain workplace. Deals can be closed at both ends through a legal team as our facilities ensure a secluded place for negotiations. 

Finally, How Do We Conclude On Kelta Cafes? 

Many potential users and investors don’t understand how technology works and how it can impact our present world as in the blockchain world, education is essential. Thereafter, to motivate them on becoming experts in the field, these Kelta cafes will provide a platform where educators can meet newbies who are willing to start their careers in the blockchain industry. Allowing for effective communication between trainers and students is our collaborative environment. Thanks to a concentrated workspace that is created, students can also focus. It is unlike those other workspaces that come less concise and educative. 

Surely with our unique environment, it is hoped that these blockchain professionals will now learn how to monetise their skills and also thereby spot the new job opportunities in the industry. 

With the next one in Prague, Czech Republic, we will start the building of the Kelta cafes in Bratislava, Slovakia. Within a year of starting this initiative, the plan is to make hundreds of workspaces. Subsequently, moving around the world, we are also going to create innovative blockchain workspaces. That will change the world as a whole as the plan is to develop blockchain projects and professionals. 

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