By Selling NFT Properties In Upland Now You Can Earn Money

Tilia Pay is here to stay. What does it mean for Upland? Here comes the details of this. 

By Selling NFT Properties In Upland Now You Can Earn Money

Introducing Upland And Tilia Pay

One of the most significant developments in blockchain history is hidden among a press release published on November 10, 2020, that is as follows: it has taken a giant leap towards creating the world’s first true digital economy by partnering with Tilia Pay,, a virtual property metaverse that offers true ownership of NFT property parcels mapped to real addresses. 

Upland is blurring and ultimately erasing the line between the real world and the digital world as the earth’s metaverse. With Property-to-USD, Upland has now been bringing that proposition to life. Upland has asymptotically been approaching their goal of building a fully realised market-based digital economy by spending the past two years building a metaverse that offers true ownership of digital assets via blockchain tech. 

Upland allowed purchasing of those digital assets via fiat or crypto through UPX as also the in-game resale and trading of those assets so far. Based on supply and demand, Upland has established a truly free market. Upland’s new partnership with Tilia Pay marked the day when Upland became a true market-based economy while Upload acknowledges that it has been host to speculators and hodlers, optimists and pessimists, buyers and sellers alike. The question here is why? 

The answer is the value of your digital assets can now be converted back into a real-world value-form, the USD in Upland. 

An extension of the international economy is Upland. It can now be recouped in US dollars, from the properties they decide to buy, to their locations, down to the very moment when players decided to buy them all of those critical decisions that thereby propel and agitate on a macro level, Upland’s free market’s demand curves as the surplus-value of player’s engagements with their metaverse. To offer this ability Upland is the first and only blockchain metaverse. 

Called Tilia Pay, Upland’s users can sell their virtual NFT property assets using Second Life’s payment network. As the main payment mechanism, this integration supports PayPal. That player will be able to buy real estate in Upland’s virtual world and sell it for real USD, this means. 

Already facilitating many high-value sales of Upland digital properties for USD is known as the Property-to-USD beta program. Having been USD 1,000 a piece is the top three sales. Upland’s players have spent USD 29,250 on properties in the Upland metaverse and their average is USD 39.50 to date. 

How Does It work?

Upland has a clean, smooth user experience on the web, iOS, and Android in order to attract the widest possible audience, unlike many other blockchain games. The ability to sell properties for USD is currently open to 100 Uplanders since the Property-to-USD programs are still in beta. The feature will soon be available for all players however that number will increase in the near future. For USD however, any player can purchase properties from the beta testers. 

With their virtual property portfolio, here is how Upland’s beta testers earn real money. 

In USD, players can place their assets up for sale on the platform. 

Through a KYC process, the user goes. 

The Uplander can pull out their USD earnings to their private Paypal account once a property NFT is sold. 

Community Reaction

Welcoming the ability to earn money from their virtual properties with open arms is the Upland community. Indeed, been some big sales are they already. When one player and Upland Executive named ThankMeLater sold three different properties for USD 500 each, the spending frenzy kicked off. Who joined Upland just a few months prior the buyer of those 3 properties is a player called Wulfinite. About his rationale behind purchasing the properties, he was interviewed. 

As it is near City Hall, 350 Mcallister St. (initial mint price of 193,280 UPX, or ~ USD 193) was bought.

Due to the Rarity of Angel Island locations, 3 Community Visitor Center (initial mint price of 135,520 UPX, or ~ USD 135) was bought.

When Wulfinite intends to create a preschool there, 401 23rd St. (initial mint price of 356,860 UPX, or ~ USD 356) was bought for its area. 

Upland and Tilia

Based on real-world locations and factored by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), for USD, Tilia Pay will allow Upland players to trade virtual properties. To convert the financial value of virtual assets back into real money makes Upland the only blockchain game to enable players. 

Continuing to experience significant wins based on Blockchain is Upland. Upland is continuing to grow significantly with a highly active community of more than 10,000 daily active users and over 40,000 monthly active users. Join right now and claim a special doubled signup bonus of 6,000 UPX as there’s never been a better time to become an Uplander. Stay tuned and watch for more as we bring you the latest with Upland.

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