Get Free Bitcoin As You Shop With The Launch Of Lolli

Lolli is the new entry providing Bitcoin for free. How does it work? What are the underlying interests? 

Introducing Lolli by Alex Adelman and Matt Senter. 

Being a tremendous success as a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin comes with millions of people around the world while trading the currency through command lines and wallets like Coinbase. Whereas for all the excitement in the space, BTC continues largely the province of technically sophisticated finance and the software junkies along with Uber drivers. It is a question that how everyone uses crypto? 

Proving an enigma, it was a challenge for Alex Adelman, while partnering with Matt Senter who previously founded Cosmic Cart which is a universal shopping cart allowing companies sell their goods anywhere online and eventually acquired by POPSUGAR, then for the second time, acquired by Ebates, a Rakuten owned affiliate marketing platform. While Adelman surely wanted to get into the blockchain world, he didn’t want to leave behind the network in the retail world. 

Adelman and Senter further on released after reconnecting and exploring that scaling consumer demand for Bitcoin which is a critical challenge for widespread adoption of technology with retail rewards and loyalty representing a port of entry for consumers new to cryptocurrencies.

How Does Lolli Earn Traction?

The rewards platform being Lolli offers users BTC as they shop at participating online retailers, which was born out of that thinking whereas consumers install browser extension starting from Lolli’s website it helps discover retailers offering crypto rewards where each retailer sets their cashback rate and that BTC reward is then moved into a Lolli wallet.

The name Lolli was inspired by the lollipops Adelman received as he visited a bank as a kid. His dream is to massively expand the number of consumers with Bitcoin wallets while educating them on what the cryptocurrency is and how to use it.

The concept of Lolli isn’t what makes it compelling as loyalty in the crypto space is particularly unknown whereas nor are the airdrops rather the deep bench of online retailers included right for the startup’s launch. As it is stated by Adelman, users can already shop at more than 500 retailers including Jet, Forever 21, Bloomingdales, and ClassPass, whereas avoiding the chicken and egg problem is endemic to many rewards startups.

What Is The Influence Of Lolli In The Market? 

Along with all rewards and loyalty programs, it is a two-sided market place component as that can make it challenging to scale as one interesting dynamic is that those retailers who are looking for ways to engage with these cryptocurrencies. As it was explained by Adelman these retailers he has been talking to have been surprised as with wide excitement among consumers who are around crypto meaning they want to use that excitement to engage potential new customers.

There is a lesser concern on the rewards side about the volatility of cryptocurrencies while most of the retailers are seen to have fitted back and forth about whether to accept those currencies like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which come as a valid payment method. Together with that, it is connecting with consumers around technology giving retailers an early insight into how consumers think about wallets and how they might change online shopping behaviors in the future.

Being symmetrical to another recently launched loyalty app called Bumped, Lolli seems to lead the race. With the bumped partners coming together with retailers driving loyalty instead of handing out BTC handing out free shares of the stock of the company a consumer just shopped at. With this idea, Lolli has few consumers owning stock and rewarding and loyalty becoming a mechanism driving shopping behavior providing an initial financial portfolio for consumers.

In the case of Lolli, gross transaction volume and user engagement are valuable and what then drives the valuations of companies in the wallet or brokerage accounts behind them. While investors surely value these sorts of gateway financial products highly which is the reason why Robinhood comes valued at $ 5.6 billion with just more than 4 million accounts. When it comes to Lolli’s bet it is that it can become a de facto wallet for millions of consumers.

What Are The Final Thoughts?

Only supporting Bitcoin at launch, Adelman’s Lolli is a certainly strong proponent of the view where the Bitcoin is the likely only cryptocurrency ruling them all. As it is the consumers who are potentially getting the first satoshis though, Lolli’s dream as well as the dream of many crypto investors having a chance to come to pass. This is the reason why the cryptocurrency boom is likely to attract even more investors than many other financial corporate thinking. Adelman has set the trend in developing more coins rather than follow the trend of working out Bitcoin trading. The scene is still ripe with new entries in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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