Gold And Bitcoin Price Predictions For The Year-End From Everyday People

The discussion is between gold and bitcoin prices. What are the opinions of the people interviewed in the survey? Know all that you need about the competition between gold and bitcoin. 

Gold And Bitcoin Price Predictions For The Year-End From Everyday People

A Round-Up On The Price Of Gold And Bitcoin 

As we talked to several individuals asked them to let us know what they think the price of bitcoin and gold will be by the year’s end, recently it was found that rather than leveraging the typical predictions from the experts, executives, and crypto luminaries here the post delves into the perspective of the average people about what they are thinking about the future value of these assets. 

To survey people back in May 2016, I used several social media avenues on what they would do if bitcoin touched the $10,000 mark. We all know that BTC reached the $ 10k zone as the article was very popular the following year in 2017. So, I decided to experiment once again as it has been a long while since the 2017 bull run leveraging my 4,700 friends on Facebook along with a few members thereby from the private crypto focused on the Telegram channel. 

I asked what these people thought the price of bitcoin, as well as the price of one troy ounce of .999 fine gold, would be basically by December 31, 2020. Here it is notable that none of the participants are deemed to be experts, luminaries, or billionaires with the same old predictions.

It was the average everyday people following the cryptocurrency ecosystem who answered. They came to be understanding the faltering manipulated monetary system bolstered by the central banking cabal as well. An individual named Archer, the first person who answered the price prediction question said he believed Bitcoin would be $100,000, as the price of an ounce of gold is set to be $3,000 by the year’s end. 

Here Are The Opinions Of Several People 

Archer further explained his rationale as the Federal Reserve comes pumping trillions of dollars into the economy with the US suffering civil unrest. The situation is worse with many city/state governments nearing bankruptcy already with employment at +30% as well as likely only to get worse as the pandemic continues expecting there will be Greek-style bank shutdowns, capital controls, hyperinflation, negative interest rates causing a flight to hard, portable assets.  

There was a guy named Doug thinking Bitcoin will be $16,000 by December 31, as the gold reaches $3,300. Further explaining Matt thinks gold will be $3,300 per ounce whereas expecting BTC to jump to $35,000. Matte explains his rationale and reasoning that money printer go brrrrrrr. Whereas Andy now expects BTC to be valued at $21,243 with the gold at $4,116 as he now thinks a cow will be valued at $104,231. 

According to Preston, the BTC will be $24,000 by December 31 with gold topping $3,200 by the year-end. He further goes onto explain the forecast's reasoning to be that the significant price increase is due to current unstable markets whereas due to reduction in monetary supply is among lower classes where it is not completely going parabolic. With gold, the same is the case. 

Giving a random guess, Sarah said she thinks BTC crosses $33,000 as gold remains in the $2000 range whereas it was Alfred saying he doesn’t know much about gold predicting BTC will be $10,100 by the year-end and further explaining his rationale as below:

Why Is It That Gold Is Always Priced Low?

During December people tend to spend more fiat triggering more sell order plus miner’s recapitulation with the recent surge traced to the growing interest in an alternative source of income as BTC seems to provide due to the closure of business activities along with growing interest in Defi in the Ethereum blockchain. He sees the price stabilising at $10,000 support level as things are returning to shape gradually and in the next quarter. 

With his prediction saying BTC touches $15,000 per coin, Andrew says gold reaches $2,500 stressing that the main push for BTC is from the retail side. It is at an all-time high where the number of friends is asking him how does he buy Bitcoin reminding him of 2017. Surely, gold continues to rise for obvious reasons. 

At the end of the year, Steve says BTC will be $13,500 and gold will be $2,300 and Chris was telling me he isn’t a gold bug thinking BTC will be anywhere between $ 8-12,000 by the year-end. Freya, another friend thought that gold will be $ 4,000 per ounce whereas BTC is at $ 60,000. 
When asked, Rene said BTC is $23,500 and gold is at $2,400 with the issuance of more stimulus serving to continue the devaluation of the dollar increases the value of more finite forms thereby accepted as the store of value. 

According to Adam, BTC is at $ 15,500 with gold is making it to $ 5k by the end of the year as hyperinflation causes bitcoin to absorb debt and increase in value as the fiat does opposite devaluing exponentially. Further on Colm is saying Bitcoin will be $33,000 whereas about gold? He says it is funny how people buy gold but yet receive nothing where silver maybe whereas the trust is in the blockchain.  

What Are The Concluding Findings? 

Between Telegram and Facebook, I got around 52 responses as the predictions were interesting as most of the gold predictions were relatively similar while BTC forecasts were all over the place. Whereas several others were found giving price predictions without reasoning as well, Daniel thinks BTC is at $17,000 and gold is sure to be at $2,390.

Taylor was one among the participants giving the lowest prediction for BTC with bitcoin at $5,400 and gold at $2,300 and as Tarik thinks the price is set to be $16,000 for BTC just as the respondent Neeraj agrees that BTC will be $16,000 with heavy resistance at $ 20k and gold at $ 2,500 moving slowly but definitely knee-deep in inflation. As we approach the all-time high, with bitcoin we could either be slowing down or touch it and come back to the handle part of the cup that we always see before lift-off.  

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