Here Are The Heady Days Of Crypto As It Is Seen In The ‘Crypto Rush’ Documentary

The two cases of the documentary Crypto Rush and the Okta Ventures. What can we study by observing them? Read and know more.

Going All In With The Crypto Rush

Therefore while they go all-in on the crypto by investing $2,000 in a mining rig it was found that Liliana Pertenava went so far down the crypto rabbit hole deciding to make a documentary about it. Therefore, in case you are locked down and looking for something to watch, then you could do worse than sit down and watch Crypto Rush.

Its applications and the culture surrounding it cover the blockchain technology where Pertenava’s 90-minute documentary has led her to meet the characters as the tribe of iconoclasts living in a small cabin in the Swiss Alps thereby using cheap, hydroelectric energy to mine all the cryptocurrency while living like monks. Consequently, she meets crypto miner David Carlson in Seattle who built the largest crypto farm only to later go bankrupt. 

Thereby it comes to prompt feelings of nostalgia as it is not just for the heady days of crypto whereas the fact that people are hanging out with each other. 

Stymied by COVID-19 to that point she then decides to get through Vimeo releasing the movie as people can watch it at home and says as it is a road movie she hopes to feed everyone’s wanderlust while the world is on lockdown. 

Intrigued by the decentralised nature of blockchain tech was the former broadcaster in Russia, Pertenava as she says she felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland exploring the strange world with its colorful characters as they live in a world where digital technologies are transforming reality. She further emphasises the stories of people especially women taking part in these technological developments.

Speaking about the concept of when the nations might compete for citizenship, is the blockchain advocate Toni Lane Casserly who tragically passed away recently as her predictions on this are not to be missed. 

The film available for streaming worldwide was made in collaboration with Steven Pape, the director who has worked with James Cameron and 10% of the funds gathered through streaming will be donated to organisations battling COVID-19 as also organisations supporting female entrepreneurs. 

Unveiling $50M In-House Venture Capital Fund Comes Okta Venture.

Going public two years ago in what was one of the first pure-cloud subscription-based blockchain company IPOs, the identity management software provider Okta wants to fund the next generation of identity, security, and privacy start-ups. 

The company has also announced a new level of identity protection at the server level, at its big customer conference Oktane where the chief operating officer Frederic Kerrest unveiled a $ 50 million investment fund meant to back the early-stage start-ups leveraging artificial intelligence machine learning as well as blockchain technology. 

As the senior vice president of Okta, Monty Gary explains they view this to be a natural extension of what they were doing as Gary was hired last year to oversee corporate development which means beef up Okta’s M&A strategy. 

Combined, Gary and Kerrest tell that Okta Ventures is now investing capital in the existing Okta partners as also with companies in the burgeoning identity management ecosystem managing the fund that looks to Okta’s former backers, Sequoia, Andreessen Horovitz ad Greylock supporting the deal sourcing process. 

Writing checks sized between $ 250,000 and $2 million to eight to ten early-stage businesses per year is the Okta Ventures Kerrest therefore adds that this comes to be the way they make sure they are aligning all the work and support with the right companies having the right vision and values as there is a lot of noise around identity, ML, and AI. They talk about formalising the support strategy they had for years making sure people are clear of the fact that they are helping these organisations build because it is helpful to the customers. 

Hereby it was found firstly that coming from Okta Ventures is Trusted Key the blockchain-based digital identity platform previously raising $3 million from the Founders Co-Op as the investment in the start-up founded by former Microsoft, Oracle, and Symantec executives has represented the expanding interest in the blockchain. 

The Final Thoughts On Okta

As Gary says the blockchain as a backdrop for identity is cutting edge if not bleeding edge. 

Founded in 2009, Okta had raised precisely $231 million from Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, Khosla Ventures, Floodgate along with others before the exit. Since its IPO debuting at $17 per share in 2017, the company’s stock has fared well and climbed to more than $85 apiece with the market cap of $ 9.6 billion lately. 

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