Here Is 2020's Most Popular Bitcoin Traders And Analysts: When Calling Tops and Bottoms

Here comes a detailed description of popular bitcoin traders. What are the insights they provide? How many followers do they have on the Twitter platform?

Here Is 2020's Most Popular Bitcoin Traders And Analysts: When Calling Tops and Bottoms

Popular Traders On Tradingview And Twitter

Quite popular these days is bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. Crypto traders have made and lost a lot of money with the price upswings and volatility in 2020. Here also there comes a number of those digital currency enthusiasts having been attracted to professional traders and analysts routinely publishing technical analysis online in the last few years. Alongside short and long-term market outlooks, crypto asset trading has exploded this year as there comes a great number of sophisticated traders sharing secrets. 

By calling the tops and bottoms by leveraging insight and technical analysis digital currency traders can make a lot of money. Up until this week’s 2020 high at $16,495, for instance, if a trader played their positions correctly as they could have then gained big time (358%) from the dip in mid-March. The crypto asset is currently trading at prices between $15,850 to $15,950 per unit as this weekend the price of BTC has slid some.  

Hereafter as the cryptocurrency fans are now following a number of those crypto traders and the analysts on social media platforms like Twitter and charting websites like Tradingview this year. That has amassed a massive following from their digital currency trading tips this year, the following post is a collection of today’s most popular cryptocurrency traders in no particular order. 

Tradingview – Crypto Traders & Analysts

Here comes the web portal that now shows live quotes for the stocks, futures, forex, as well as cryptocurrency markets is the website Tradingview. The portal also offers a social network of traders, as well as the website, which is one of the most popular charts and technical analysis sites for crypto traders. One will see the top traders sharing insights during the recent days and all-time statistics while perusing the BTC/USD market section on Tradingview. 

Who runs his own public Telegram group and writes frequent updates on BTC/USD markets, the top trader on Tradingview is an individual named Botje 11. Sharing 939 ideas to-date, Botje11 is a trader from the Netherlands who joined the website three years ago. Having 35,393 followers on Tradingview, additionally, Botje11 has a lot of reputation points. 

Following this comes Magicpoopcannon that is an American based cryptocurrency trader now sharing trading ideas about BTC/USD markets, comes behind the trader Botje 11. Having 73,569 followers on the Tradingview website, it also joined three years ago. The trader has 30,000 followers on Twitter as well, as the trader calls himself a Crypto Pop Legend and Master of Charts. 

The analyst has around 38,003 followers on the platform today as Golldbug1 is the third most popular trader on Tradingview today. Goldbug1 has shared 352 insights on Tradingview to-date, during the last three years. 

Twitter – Crypto Traders & Analysts

The Twitter traders and analysts are listed in no particular order unlike the aforementioned traders from Tradingview. 

As he doesn’t take the easy road, cryptoyoda (@Cryptoyoda1338) is a crypto enthusiast, technical analyst, and writer. Also, on and, digital currency proponents can follow Cryptoyoda on Twitter. Saying he is from Dagobah and that he joined in 2017, is Cryptoyoda’s profile. 

Sharing trading ideas on Twitter regularly to his 35,500 Twitter followers, Nick Core is another popular bitcoin trader. His market watch is for members only as Core’s analysis can be routinely seen on the website 

Being trading futures and have been an FX trader since 1975 is the veteran and seasoned trader Peter Brandt. Amassing a whopping 379,800 followers on Twitter to-date, Brandt is very popular on social media. Including his BTC/USD thoughts, the veteran trader shares insights on a number of assets. 

Who often tweets about BTC/USD and a few other coin markets to his 15,900 Twitter followers, is another popular trader on Twitter, Mr. Jozza. He has been flipping bitcoin since 2013, whereas Mr. Jozza joined Twitter in 2015. 

Considering himself a semi-retired crypto trader, there is also the crypto proponent known as ฿TF%$D! (@Cryptohustle). Discussing BTC/USD markets regularly, the trader runs the website and has a Youtube channel. 

Since 2011 the Crypto Dog, calls himself a Ph.D. dropout, a crypto-trading dog, and a bitcoin miner. Since joining Twitter in 2017, he has amassed 235,300 followers on social media as the trader discusses bitcoin and digital currency markets routinely. 

Crypto Bitlord, an Australian based individual who often shares ideas about bitcoin markets is another crypto trading expert on Twitter. Having 130,600 social media followers on the platform, Crypto Bitlord joined Twitter back in 2012. 

With 157,600 Twitter followers to-date, Willy Woo is a popular crypto analyst. Considering himself to be a pioneer of onchain analysis as well as the art of extracting investment signals from the Bitcoin blockchain is woo. 

The trader Parabolictrav is a well-known trader in the crypto Twitter universe. Who regularly discusses crypto markets and calls himself a slave to bitcoin is another person. As he is always tweeting about BTC, Parabolictrav has roughly 65,800 followers on the social media platform. 

Who is often quoted in a number of crypto publications, the individual who goes by the name Donalt (@Cryptodonalt) is a digital currency trader and an analyst? Since then Donalt joined Twitter in 2017 and has amassed 160,800 followers on the platform.  

Lastly The Technical Analysis Or Pulling Numbers From Thin Air

Having shared their cryptocurrency market prognosis to tens and hundreds of thousands of followers, some many other traders and analysts discuss bitcoin regularly. Whereas most of them speak about the short-term cycles and swings more regularly as a few of the aforementioned bitcoin traders speak about the long-term game. 

Based on sophisticated technical analysis, charts, signals, indicators, and theories as well are the projections many of these traders throw out. More seriously than Wall Street executives, venture capitalists, and traditional financiers pulling numbers out of thin air is lots of times people taking seasoned crypto traders, researchers, and analysts. There are also many viewing the technical analysis is no different than thereby pulling numbers from thin air or thereafter leveraging tarot cards.

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