Here Is A Report On The 21-Day Bitcoin Challenge Of He You Bing- Part 1

He You Bing films a documentary as she lives on bitcoin for 2 1days. The interesting story comes to you in two parts. Here is the first one. 

This Is How One Chinese Woman Has Tried To Live In A World Which Is Increasingly Cool To Cryptocurrencies

The latest news from China is that currently airing on iQiyi which is China’s Netflix equivalent is a documentary series about a Chinese bitcoin enthusiast attempting to survive 21 days by merely living on 0.21 bitcoin or $1300 without any help or donations. 

The documentary portrays He You Bing traveling and carrying with her nothing where she has to retrieve food, housing, as well as basic necessities through the bitcoin transactions done on her phone as interestingly, she is doing this challenge in most of China’s largest cities including Beijing and Shenzhen. 

Considering her name, it comes to be something of a nom de guerre which is nickname with You Bing directly translating to having a disease as the whole name alludes to the girls over-enthusiasm for bitcoin. 

The time comes to be a fascinating one to attempt this while in the last few weeks it is having numerous reports of the crypto bans by China as also including Beijing and Shenzhen that are banning public cryptocurrency-related speeches, events, or activities as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Several WeChat media accounts were included in the purported ban that promoted cryptocurrencies that were permanently blocked. Moving on Beijing has now blocked access to the websites of over 120 offshore exchanges in the mainland and therefore banning large crypto purchases through popular Chinese payments platforms Alipay and WeChat transactions. 

Readers living outside of China may be led to think that there comes to be a bleak outlook for the cryptocurrency environment on mainland China, given the sheer number of these bans. Revealing a refreshing perspective on the crypto awareness of people who are living in these local cities as well as the power of WeChat is the bitcoin challenge by He You Bing. While the truth is that $1300 may not sound like much for 21 days of travel in the US, whereas in China as a cheap meal costs just $1, it can of course go a long way while the real question is that will the people accept bitcoin. 

How To Find Acceptance With Bitcoin?

Bing through daily video-log like documentaries is filmed running around asking the different business vendors if they accept bitcoin. Expressing their reactions are the vendors varying from small hole-in-the-wall eateries to employees from large chain stores like Uniqlo telling of their preconceived notions or lack thereof of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 

These people have attitudes varying from ignorance to distrust to welcoming similar to those in the US. It is surely eye-opening when it comes to seeing what the different Chinese people think about bitcoin.

Bing arrives in Beijing on the first day of her challenge as she wants to go to an amusement park where the entrance fee is 2 Chinese Yuan which is around 30 cents in USD and as the park didn’t accept bitcoin, Bing asked several fast-food restaurants if they accepted bitcoin so she could buy food whereas neither of them did. 

She often has to explain what the bitcoin is in the first place, as she approaches these vendors rather than paying in bitcoin and finds very little success along the way. On her first day, one feat was that she was able to find an unlocked Ofo bike which comes as a dockless bike that can be unlocked and paid for with one’s cellphone. In an attempt to reach out to more vendors she biked around with it. Bing didn’t succeed in finding a food place that accepted bitcoin by the end of the first day as she subsisted on four packets of ketchup and food samples from a supermarket and her first night, she slept in a 24 hour McDonald’s Bing foraged for food on the second day grabbing fruits from wild trees.

For the second day, her food intake included some fruits on a tree and someone else’s leftover burger at a McDonald’s ending up getting a stomach ache and threw up sleeping in another 24-hour McDonald’s.

By the third day, Bing was becoming hopeless as she was on the verge of fainting and the filmmakers sent her to a hospital. The challenge had gathered some attention at this point and supporters were able to contact filmmakers. Thereafter they bought food for Bing who paid for it by bitcoin. She slept in an art gallery on the third night. 

When It’s Not The Currency, Then It’s The Community

As it started spreading soon, Bing’s story brought people starting to find her through WeChat as they would offer to exchange bitcoin to fiat. The challenge at that point would have become easy as the filmmakers changed the rules so that Bing had to transact offline and exchange Bitcoin with people in real life. 

The Interesting Story Continues In The Next Post

There is more to watch as we take you to the next post on the story of Bing. 

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