Hosting Its Liquidity Sale Event From The 24th Of February Is NEXT.chain, the Next DeFi Powerhouse 

What is NEXT.chain? Understand the intricacies behind the DeFi powerhouse. Do you really need to know all about it?

Hosting Its Liquidity Sale Event From The 24th Of February Is NEXT.chain, the Next DeFi Powerhouse 

What Is NEXT.chain? 

That is completely permissionless, accessible, and ground-breaking in many ways, Ethereum has given way to a brave new world of decentralised financial applications. With great costs however it has done so on an experimental basis. Thereby it comes not ready for the adoption that is worldwide and now Ethereum is therefore providing the foundation needed by all of these decentralised applications to be built upon. 

Interacting with smart contracts can even be several times more expensive as simple transactions on the Ethereum network can cost upwards of $10. Massive volumes both in decentralised trading and total value locked which currently sits close to $40B in total, its infrastructure is simply not ready for widespread use, while Ethereum’s undeniable success has been able to garner what is a powerful DeFi community. Congestion leads to block space competition which drives up standard gas fees when the network is highly used. 

In this context, NEXT.chain comes in. NEXT.chain has taken the best of both worlds to create a DeFi -ready chain that can be leveraged by companies and typical users alike for all their decentralised finance needs building on the shoulders of giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The creation of DAOs or NFTs, from permissionless trading to decentralised asset issuance with a few clicks of a button. 

The Next Big Thing In Defi is NEXT.chain

Apart from its competitors, so what sets NEXT.chain? It comes to be that with multiple new features and characteristics such as Proof of Stake consensus mechanism expanding to complete with Masternode network of over 200 peers that is of validation for what is the quicker transaction speeds as also privacy enabled transfers up to the 10,000 transactions per second, here is the project leveraging a decade long history of well-known as well as tested technology thereby being built on Bitcoin core. 

By providing a merge mining option that will incentivise both community members and developers to use and build on NEXT, also allows it to draw from the Bitcoin mining community. With an API integration for 3rd parties, this will be made even more evident.

It's for the masses as NEXT.chain is not just for miners. Allowing users to send money to their contacts rather than to long strings of random alphanumeric characters, that’s why fees will always remain low and why aliases will be a big part of the NEXT ecosystem. NEXT.chain has partnered with PayAccept in order to bootstrap NEXT.chian and provide end-users with a seamless payment experience. By serving as a fiat gateway that will help users turn their fiat currencies into DeFi-ready digital assets, PayAccept allows anyone to easily enter the once – daunting world of DeFi. 

To ensure longevity in the network and community by allowing NEXT token holders to propose and vote on improvement proposals, NEXT token will rely on classical governance aspects of blockchain technology. 

NEXT.chain Announces Liquidity Stake Event

Focusing first on the development and issuance of assets the decentralised trading for said assets and liquidity providing for automated market maker trades, the NEXT.chain is taking a milestone-based approach to its development. 

For those who are looking for simple financial smart contracts that are flexible yet secure requiring minimal levels of complexity and risk, the simplicity behind asset issuance in the NEXT.chain is bound to attract new and existing businesses. 

Allowing them to lock up their liquidity and make their assets available for trading, projects will be able to raise funds through a user-friendly interface. To easily bring these communities into the NEXT.chain ecosystem allowing it to grow organically the simplicity brought by NEXT.chian phased development is bound to attract new and existing projects to the platforms. 

About NEXT.Chain :

With a strong focus on DeFi and blockchain technology, NEXT.chain is part of a group of companies headquartered in the Netherlands founded on April 23rd, 2019. To establish a fiat-to-crypto gateway and deploy cryptocurrency payments on e-commerce platforms, the group is currently in the process of obtaining an Electronic Money license. 

While providing companies with easy-to-use and implement web 3.0 solutions for DeFi, the NEXT.chain project is a new blockchain platform that draws from security and simplicity principles of Bitcoin 2.0, concepts like masternode technology. 


With Uniswap auto listing and locking of liquidity provider tokens, allowing DeFi projects to easily launch and bootstrap projects with verifiable vesting periods, created in 2020, is a DeFi-centric Presale platform. 

Drawing The Curtains On The Show

As we conclude NEXT.chain is surely the future of DeFi. Be it whatever the coin is bitcoin or Ethereum, it is surely a promise to investors. Help yourself with this wonderful network and we are sure you will be far more excited. Being counted as the big bet of the future, it is surely intelligent and provides service without any fail. Keep rocking and we are firm on the choice people make to transfer their investments through this network.

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