How Is Nodle Crowdsourcing The IoT Connectivity?

With Nodle comes an era of the IoT connectivity. The reason behind this is explained in the short description here. Read it to get an insight. 

Nodle In The Cryptocurrency World

Based on a simple premise Nodle asks the question in case you could crowdsource the connectivity of the smart sensors by offloading it to smartphones, and as blockchain is concerned, most of them with built-in cellular connectivity comes to be simply not a realistic option given how much power it would take. Being quite realistic for a sensor is the use of Bluetooth Low Energy. 

With a pretty straightforward idea, it is overall the trick to convince smartphone users to install Nodle’s app. The company co-founded by Micha Benoliel CEO, and Garret Kinsman solves this by looking to cryptocurrency. Users with Nodle Cash automatically earn the currency as and when their phones transmit a package to the network with the connection worth noting as it is always encrypted using Nodle’s Rendezvous protocol. 

As it was started to already raise $3.5 million in seed funding, the company has now mostly investors in the blockchain space that are known as Blockchange, the Work Play Ventures, the Blockchain Ventures, Olymp Capital, the Bootstraplabs and also Blockhead. 

The First Place Of Nodle 

Not being Benoliel’s first rodeo in this space, it is worth noting that he also co-founded the mesh networking start-up called Open Garden using a somewhat similar approach to crowdsource connectivity a few years ago. thereby Open Garden has won awards for most innovative start-ups whereas Benoliel has left his CEO position earlier while Nodle feels like the iterations on the original idea of Open Garden. 

As Benoliel comments they define the category as the crowd connectivity while connecting things to the internet believing there are a lot of benefits to doing that and arguing that there comes several innovations converging right now allowing the company to succeed where chipsets get a smaller and increasing number of sensors using Bluetooth Low Energy with batteries getting smaller and more efficient as blockchain technology is maturing. 

As this is not a solution for companies with a need for real-time data the fact is that sensors depend on somebody with a phone coming by with simply no way for Nodle to thereby guarantee that later on. Arguing that the company has a great solution for smart cities wanting to get regular readouts of road usage or companies that want to do asset tracking. 

Additionally, Benoliel said that they do not address real-time connectivity as it is which you can do with more traditional solutions whereas they believe IoT comes broad with so much utility being able to collect almost anything to the internet. 

Why Go For The Nodle Cash App?

Hereafter some users are wanting to simply install the cryptocurrency Nodle Cash app, also making some Nodle cash as the team is betting on working with app developers who may want to use the platform making some extra money from their apps adding it to the Nodle network. It means that obviously for users they burn some extra data as developers clearly state as they are opting their users in the service. 

In this case, the team, therefore, expects for a normal user to see an extra 20 to 30 MB of the traffic with Nodle installed that isn’t all that much as the users of the standalone Nodle app comes with the option to cache the data and postpone the transfer as they connect to WI-Fi while some app developers are using Nodle as the alternative to in-app payments as the team hopes. Already working with HTC as well as Cisco Meraki there are several pilot projects in the works of the company. 

Finally, Why Is The Nodle Being Viewed As A Success Story?

With the Nodle Cash app, the users can get their hands on the cryptocurrency and help them connect with the devices. Developers can expect to make some cash as the app is installed by more of the users and also the cryptocurrency investments help them create what is more than essential. Hence the use of the Nodle cash app is much more than anything that helps the users as well as the developer community. 

There is more to be seen as the crypto world is being flooded by more of the developers with challenging currencies and the investors are looking for safer shores and greener pastures. Not to be forgotten as the cryptocurrency world grows there are more and more of the days where the investment is being followed to create the healthier cryptocurrencies. Let's keep watching how it turns out to be as the crypto world is a constantly evolving way of technology. 

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