How You Can Get Up to 17% Annually by Holding Digital Assets As Crypto Earning vs. Savings Accounts

You can now decide on how to get more earnings with the help of crypto assets. How is it outdoing savings earnings in banks? This is why crypto looks promising.

How You Can Get Up to 17% Annually by Holding Digital Assets As Crypto Earning vs. Savings Accounts

Many people are not aware of the passive income crypto users are getting as well, as the mainstream has caught a whiff of the gains cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum have seen. Digital currencies can give people 1-17% or even more by leveraging certain tactics while financial incumbents are giving people with savings accounts a measly 0.35% to 0.60%. 

Crypto Returns That Outpace the Savings Account

If they earn a percentage of interest over time that’s what savings accounts do as you may have heard the term, “make your money work for you” in the past. With a savings account, the money simply sits there and accrues a return over a period of time as certainly a person can be a bit riskier and invest in stocks and such. These days banks don’t like giving interest as the more money held, the more interest an account will get. According to the best savings account rates on, we can see that some of the top banks in the world will only give 0.35% to 0.60% returns. 

Getting a much better annual percentage yield, now you can do the same thing with cryptocurrencies. For staking or holding a digital asset on the trading platform for a period of time, a lot of centralised exchanges offer anywhere between 1-12% interest. For holding USDC for instance on the trading platform Coinbase you can earn 1.25% APY.

For staking algorand (ALGO), cosmos (ATOM), and tezos (XTZ)Coinbase also offers to earn rewards. Either daily (ALGO), every three days (XTZ), and once a week (ATOM) these three coins see pay-out rates. 

That offers interest-bearing accounts Coinbase and are not the only exchanges or custodial solutions. Offered by Blockfi, Linus, Outlet Finance, Gemini, Kraken, Youhodler, Coinloan, Nexo, and the Celsius Network are other interest-bearing products. Depending on the crypto asset being held each and everyone has different terms and interest rates. 

As fiat-backed crypto-assets can get savers larger returns, most of these platforms offer higher percentage rates for stablecoins. People opting to gather interest in this fashion should understand there’s a greater risk as of course, custodial solutions are coins held with a third-party. By making poor business decisions, a custodial platform could fake reserves, get hacked, or even run the business into the ground. Holding funds on an exchange means you are trusting them as the adage goes “not your keys, not your coins”.

Ethereum 2.0 Staking While Leveraging Proof-Of-Stake Token 

By leveraging noncustodial platforms and staking concepts individuals who want to make passive income can also do so. In order to obtain a stake, the person needs a staking wallet to perform this function as staking involves using a proof-of-stake crypto asset. Staking simply means holding the asset and being rewarded coins for the amount the user holds similar to a savings account. The more interest the user will obtain as the more tokens held while staking. 

Using the new ETH 2.0 staking feature currently, some people are staking Ethereum (ETH). The user needs a total of 32 ETH to participate, however, in order to earn ETH this way in a noncustodial fashion. This comes even if the person earns anywhere between 5% to 17% PA. Via exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase, people can also stake ETH in a custodial manner. Giving between 3-7.5% reward on any ETH that you stake is the San Francisco exchange Coinbase. 

Built On Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Polkadot, And Tron Are Defi Apps

People who want to acquire yield-bearing returns on their crypto assets can do so by leveraging a decentralised finance application additionally besides staking. That can offer a person a return simply by providing liquidity or lending, there are numerous defi apps like Compound, Aave, Nuo Network, Ddex, and Dydx. For stablecoins, a good portion of these noncustodial defi apps also provides higher yields these days. 

In this context earning returns just based on a period of time along with numerous ERC20 tokens similar to TUSD, LINK, DAI, ETH, WBTC, and USDC are people using these types of apps. Including networks like Tron, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Polkadot moreover, there are other blockchains that are moving toward creating defi ecosystems as well. 

Make Your Money Work for You

Offering people a chance to make their money work for them are all of the aforementioned platforms and tools. By simply holding individuals can earn a return by doing something they probably were doing before they knew they could earn interest. As long as the demand for crypto assets remains strong, this decentralised form of liquidity will continue to grow. 

Liquidity and potential earnings can only get better over time if mass adoption continues to increase. It won’t be long before they will want to move their funds into something that gathers real interest over time once the mainstream catches onto these massively larger interest rates instead of the banks’ petty 0.35% to 0.60% rates.

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