IEO Collaboration And The Subsequent Listing Of IDEA Token With Exchange Is Announced By Ideaology

Ideaology comes with IDEA token and Active IDEA ecosystem. What are they? Why did they choose Exchange?

IEO Collaboration And The Subsequent Listing Of IDEA Token With Exchange Is Announced By Ideaology

Introducing Ideaology

Announcing today an agreement with Exchange for a public sale and the subsequent listing of the Ideaology Token (IDEA) on Exchange was Ideaology the blockchain-oriented company building a digital ecosystem by energising the market and utilising the world’s global workforce. 

Accommodating most of the personnel needed to develop projects, Ideaology consists of a freelance platform. A digital market place allowing platform users to sell or buy digital assets and services as well as the following is the platform’s mission to provide a host of freelancers and entrepreneurs with job options: 

Share materials and experiences.

An Idea launch-pad.

To establish a creative colony for introducing and launching revolutionary ideas as a collection of innovative and inventive individuals. 

Whether through direct partnerships or through crowdfunding options available on the platform, a funding base of individuals and enterprises interested in supporting new projects. 

For the future of business development, Idealogy is creating a unique collaborative digital community and a fertile environment. 

It comes to be that Ideaology was created by co-founders, Khaled Alkalbani and Amar Kovacevic originating from Dubai, UAE. Today the Ideaology team numbers over 20 members from all over the world however as the company have come a long way from the initial idea. As most of the team members work remotely having been hired from freelancing platforms and it is utilising crowdfunding methods to support early development and expansion, Ideaology like many start-up companies is using the very model it is promoting. 

To ensure every idea gets the best possible chance of success, with its upcoming public sale as well as a subsequent launch on Exchange, Ideaology’s (IDEA) token will become the cornerstone of the Active Idea ecosystem providing start-ups and innovative individuals the supporting and dynamic environment. exchange has been chosen as the platform of choice for Ideaology’s new ERC20 token (IDEA) to launch its public sale in late January as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the digital asset field. IDEA will be listed on Exchange for trading after the conclusion of such a public sale. 

Providing start-ups and innovative individuals the supporting and dynamic environment to ensure every idea gets the best possible chance of success with its upcoming public sale and subsequent launch on Exchange, Ideaology’s token will become the cornerstone of the Active Idea ecosystem as said by Amar Kovacevic Co-founder of Ideaology. 

Staring the new year with a bang in the form of the public sale of IDEA, at Exchange they are constantly building a wider ecosystem that branches into new horizons according to Danish Chaudhary, CEO of Exchange. In this scenario we come to be happy that as Ideaology, a visionary in the future of the digital marketplaces has thereby chosen our exchange to accelerate the growth of their token thereafter hosting their public sale just on our platform after the great performance of our previous IEO (ATRI), continues Chaudhry. 

Why Choose IDEA?

The main points of significance of Ideaology and its Active Idea ecosystem were the uniqueness and extraordinary potential to energise the market and utilise the global workforce which is turning more than ever to remote work. In the very near future, it is hard not to acknowledge the perfect timing and circumstances for such a platform to become the go-to business development instrument. The game-changing factor that sets it apart from anything available on the market at the moment is the blockchain base which will provide cutting-edge technological solutions and scaling options thereby coming as the ever-increasing demand for more such economic systems. To create a platform thereafter solving problems as well as growing these solutions into what is the successful and profitable businesses recently to benefit everyone involved, Ideaology and Active Idea has offered a solution on the macro scale. 

Be Part Of The Progress

Addressing and evolving gaps within the future of digital marketplaces, Ideaology has a great future ahead. Before the token sale to take place in January, Exchange will initiate the process in the next few weeks by opening a portal where the users thereby go through KYC/AML verification. 

What Is A Public Sale/IEO?

A fund-raising event that is administered by an exchange is in brief an Initial Exchange Offering commonly referred to as an IEO. An Initial Exchange Offering means that the fundraising will be conducted on a well-known exchange’s fundraising platform in contrast to an Initial Coin Offering where the project team themselves conduct the fundraising. 

About Ideaology

Which will harbour a community of professionals and enterprises collaborating, investing, and growing together, Ideaology is a Dubai based blockchain-oriented company building a digital ecosystem called Active IDEA. Including innovators, freelance professionals, advisors, and investors, the Active IDEA platform connects all the likely associates of a successful business endeavour. Enabling it to conduct an efficient and decentralised economy based on the Ideaology token, the ecosystem is built on blockchain technology. 

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