Is It Time For Entrepreneurs To Put Corporate VCs Back On The List – Part 2

The continuation of the first part throws light on the ways the blockchain technology is put to use by the venture capital corporates. It helps them win investments from corporates with the promise of safety and security. Read on for more insight. 

The Continuation From The Previous Article

Therefore, venture capitals are focusing on easing the work of financial companies by introducing the blockchain. Why then are they being eyed as the best among the lot to give advantages to the corporate world. The answers lie in the following writeup. 

But before we delve into the depths of the technology and its highlights, we have to know more about how the venture capital corporates are working and they can, therefore, be the best kind of investment when it comes to the financial institutions as well as individuals. This is way beyond what we expect from the safe and secure mode of the transaction from the blockchain technology.

How Are Corporate Venture Capital Working In The Real World?

Let’s look at a real example illustrating the advantages of working with the financially focused corporate venture capital firm with the investment in blockchain. Thereby using blockchain technology Comcast is allowing users to create a unique digital identity associating it with IoT devices in the home thereby controlling access to these devices. With a close working relationship and affiliation to Comcast Corporation and the NBCUniversal, they have a front-row seat to the potential advantages and disadvantages of leveraging the cutting edge blockchain technology solving the real-world problems. 

With this level of access to early use cases, there is no other venture capital firm where it looked like they met with the team that is developing the technology even before being gone public speaking with engineers understanding as to how they use blockchain choosing it and how it helped their efforts. With a demo playing it this hands-on experience is invaluable to blockchain executives as it was the only afforded members of the Comcast family. It could better serve their business interests further as the insight also helped inform the investment thesis around the blockchain. 

Coming Down To Real-World Problems, They Are Being Solved By Real-World Practitioners

With many applications of blockchain technology, there is another group that is being viewed within Comcast looking at how blockchain is set to be used in advertising. Comcast and NBCUniversal are looking beyond that at blockchain technology as to how it relates to identity, rewards, and loyalty, security, and IoT thereby naming a few. 

Being solved by real-world practitioners experimenting with blockchain, it has come down to real-world problems. Helping drive the investment strategy in blockchain technologies and token-based economies, these proprietary insights are already made several investments in the space continuing to believe there are investment opportunities at the protocol, the platform, the infrastructure, and also at the application levels. 

There are the number of examples within Comcast Ventures outside of blockchain where the advantages are shown of leveraging resources at the corporate venture capital firm called EdgeConnex successfully pivoting the business model with the help of Comcast, the Brightside which was incubated and spun out, securing thereby Comcast as the first customer, Zola developing partnership opportunities with NBCU, whereas Comcast becomes one of DocuSign’s largest customers while Icontrol was acquired by Comcast. 

Thereafter We Are Setting The Record Straight

With super talented partners in the firm, the financially focused corporate venture firms help entrepreneurs build great companies whereas similar to other venture capital firms, they are financially incented to find the next billion-dollar company investing in the strategy. 

With exclusive proprietary insights unlike other venture capital firms, it is venturing into dozens of markets and technologies whereas they can also create synergies between portfolio companies and Comcast and NBCUniversal helping accelerate growth in case there are mutual interest and benefit measured on financial returns as they win eventually. 

Closing Down The Discussion With A Few More Insight-Driven Facts

With more investment following the heels of the venture capital corporates, the use of blockchain is sure to enthuse investors as they remain in safe hands. Here we need to identify whether there are any of those threats faced by the lack of regulatory policies that the governments of the countries take to control the distribution of the blockchain-based investment nodes. There is more to follow as the technology keeps evolving and they are viewed as the promise of the future.

When blockchain is considered the application, the level is very high influencing almost all areas including fintech, adtech, advertisements, medical fields, and whatnot. With this, the wide usage of the technology is relevant and inevitable as it helps the devices from IoT to many more applications. 

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