Launching Batu Capital For Cannabis, Crypto And Big Data Start-ups Is The Real-Life Emery And Evan From “Fresh Off The Boat”- Part 2

The continuation further throws light on how Huang brothers found Blockchain. Investing in crypto assets they bring their family wealth to a safe place. Read on.

How Are They Investing In The Backbone Of New Industries?

Before they ventured to tech and blockchain the Huang brothers were working on BaoHous, the popular restaurant chain Eddie launched on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, all three brothers gained business experience whereas Emery winning the Writers of the Future Grand Prize for science fiction writing exited early and thereby moved to China. 

There he was working on novels while also looking for new investment opportunities. Emery and Evan were at that time helping parents prepare for retirement exiting the restaurant business and began investing the family’s assets in real estate thereafter brokering deals between the Chines investment groups and New York City property owners before deciding to branch into tech. 

Named after the Mongol ruler and founder of the Golden Horde dynasty Batu Khan it came to be known as Batu Capital focusing on cannabis because of the massive addressable market in terms of both pain management and medical usage along with recreational usage according to Emery. As they were hopeful that in particular, they can replace the $ 17 billion painkiller market even without the side effects contributing to the opioid epidemic. Emery further says as for crypto they were drawn to the applications of the blockchain technology not just for currency but in general blockchain and smart ledgers as a way to archive the information in terms of data storage and data fidelity. 

Evan, therefore, says in each sector Batu looks for companies wanting to build solutions for the overall infrastructure of the industry, whereas, for example, MJ Freeway helped growers and dispensaries manage their business while also making sure they comply with the state and federal regulations as Vidy uses blockchain to reboot the way publishers display the ad. Readers can decide if they want to see a video by placing their finger or cursor over the text in an online article instead of automatic pop-ups or embeds. 

How Does Vidy Help The Ad And Video Streaming Industry?

As they allow readers an easy opt-in to streaming videos, Vidy hopes to give the publishers a more nuanced understanding that comes of user engagement as the start-up partners includes the Mediacorp, the Mercedes- Benz, as also the Deliveroo thereby creating the ERC20 utility token called VidyCoin, as the advertisers use it to purchase ad placements and readers can earn thereby watching videos. Enabling Vidy to guard against different types of online ad fraud including click spam is done by recording transactions of the blockchain. 

The Huang brothers with their family’s past setbacks in mind say the priority is to make sure their portfolio is geographically diverse. Being placed in addition to the US and China, Batu Capital is looking at growth markets in Southeast Asia particularly the Philippines and Cambodia as the latter not only benefits from Chinese funding but providing more transparency for investors according to them. 

As they explain their priority for start-ups is the executive team making sure its people have a track record of building up companies in the industry as well as the related industries having the experience that can transfer over. With a competitive edge in the market, they come as an example of what their niches in the big data space or do they have strategic partnerships? According to Emery, the same thing comes with crypto and cannabis as they don’t just invest in the space as they need to make sure they stand out. 

Hereafter the Huang brothers are making the mark on the blockchain and crypto world as it comes to be the best way, they can make their family wealth account for. Saving up on the money invested, their idea is to help the companies finding it difficult to get a footing in the sand. Cannabis and crypto must be the best combination when it comes to demand for investment. 

Finally, To Sum Up, The Discussion

The world today is moving crazy to the blockchain era. Everything in the investment ecosystem is depending on the blockchain and crypto-assets. Why are there so many audiences for the market and where are the investment processes headed? The discussion ends here but there is a lot of topics about the realm of the decentralized ledger-based technology underlying blockchain and cryptocurrency. So when you doubt the investment portfolio of blockchain make sure you get the idea of the Huang brothers who make it easy for the investors to invest. 

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