Listing Aspire And Aspire Gas As Newest Digital Asset Creation Platform Coming To Market By Bitcoin.Com Exchange 

What are ASP and GASP? How are they revolutionising the crypto world? Here is all about it.

Listing Aspire And Aspire Gas As Newest Digital Asset Creation Platform Coming To Market By Bitcoin.Com Exchange 

The Rise Of Aspire 

Resisting both mining exploits and 51 percent attacks common to proof-of-work blockchains is Aspire the first digital asset creation platform. Due to its innovative Aspire Gas (GASP) blockchain, its fees are a tiny fraction of creating assets on Ethereum or other platforms. 

With more pairs to follow in the short term, both tokens will be introduced with BTC and USDT trading pairs.  

Here we announce the upcoming listing of two new digital assets that are Aspire (ASP) and Aspire Gas (GASP) on the 30th of September 2020. Under the leadership of core developer Jim Blasko, a proof-of-work innovator since 2012, both tokens were created by Aspire Technology. 

What Is Aspire Technology?

A leading developer of digital asset creation technologies is Aspire Technology. Here it was incubated by the bCommerce Labs accelerator fund along with other angel investors. It is the first digital asset creation platform to resist both mining exploits and 51 percent attacks that are common to proof-of-work blockchains, as the Aspire platform consists of the Aspire digital asset creation platform and Aspire Gas blockchain. 

Improving upon the standard Counterparty open-source code, but grafts in an automated checkpoint server to prevent 51 percent attacks that have caused many other blockchains to be attacked and lose funds is the Aspire platform. Also, not subject to miner attacks is Aspire. Suffering one of these two common exploits that Aspire is immune from are many other platforms. 

Why Should One Choose ASP & GASP?

Improving on speed, cost, and security for creating both fungible and non-fungible tokens is Aspire. Thereby it is observed that to create extensive digital assets that involve up to 92 billion tokens per asset as well as unlimited sub-assets and with no programming experience required for about a dollar per asset, it allows professional developers and hobbyists alike. For thousandths of a penny per transaction, Aspire Gas powers Aspire transactions. 

Cost-Effective Asset Transactions

For all transactions of digital tokens/assets sent on the Aspire network, it uses very small fractions of GASP. Currently charging 1 satoshi per byte when creating a transaction is GASP. Creating an extremely cost-effective way of sending small or large amounts of assets/tokens, these low fees allow for thousands of transactions with a single GASP. More affordable than Counterparty, Maidsafe, Omni, Ethereum, Ravencoin, NEO or any other digital asset platform is Aspire. 


Allowing for secure confirmations that average about 2 minutes which is 5x faster than Counterparty or Bitcoin is the GASP core and its increased speed. Designed for processing all of Aspire’s transactions onto one secure blockchain, the GASP’ score is built on PoW via scrypt mining. Always confirming at least 4x faster than Bitcoin’s 10 minute block time are all transactions of digital assets created on Aspire. 


Aspire assets will be free of double-spending, 51% attacks, and hostile takeovers of the blockchain by implementing advanced checkpoints into GASP’s core. Giving Aspire the ultimate protection from malicious attacks is this first in asset creation platforms. 

Anyone can create assets at an extremely low price and in under two minutes on Aspire. That is currently offered for free for a limited time through the Aspire bounty program currently the cost to do this is 10 Aspire coins. Aspire is 5x faster than Bitcoin besides. Allowing more than 300,000 transactions of any asset created on Aspire is one Aspire Gas coin.

Strong Endorsement

Sharing his views on the Aspire platform and what he’s looking forward to most in the relationship is Danish Chaudhry the Head of Exchange, saying:

He has followed the team behind Aspire and the platform upon launch for quite some time now. Not only because of its speed but the core technology implemented, it is an incredible platform. The all-star team is by far one of the strongest in the industry as the focus and dedication given in this project is unparalleled. He was excited to the core to welcome ASP and GASP into the ranks. 

Adding to it, Jim Blasko, CEO, and co-founder of Aspire says:

They are extremely proud to be taking on trading pairs for ASP and GASP as the first exchange to do so with the native crypto of the Aspire platform. Aspire and its amazing asset creation tools now fall into the hands of millions of new users by working with The main goal was to make crypto-asset creation the better in every way for the user as well as this partnership comes as another stepping stone in the natural organic growth of Aspire. Ensuring that future assets created on Aspire can be supported via’s exchange is today’s milestone. 

To Conclude, The Words From The Chairman Of Aspire

Finally, the co-founder and Chairman of Aspire, Michael Terpin also added:

Just as they did in the second decade of the web, ordinary consumers will drive the next massive wave of crypto adoption. By combining ease of use with high speed and near-zero fees, Aspire is poised to become the leading digital asset creation platform globally. Most people will have dozens of digital assets they interact with regularly as we believe in the very near future.

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