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What Are The ‘51%’ Fears Rattling The Bitcoin Community

Regarding a mining pool called GHash, there is a worry in the Bitcoin community as it controlled a rising share of the total Bitcoin computational power used to mine the cryptocurrency with shares creeping towards the 50% mark. Why is it? The potential of what the Bitcoin community calls a 51% attack was the reason and in short once you control more than 50% of the total hashing power of the Bitcoin network there can be nasty things like spending bitcoins twice and reverse and block transactions.

Going over the 50% mark recently, GHash held that rate for a period of more than12 hours becoming generally known on Friday. While this was not well received, a well-known Bitcoin developer publicly sold 50% of the holdings in cryptocurrency as the price of Bitcoin fell to the $ 550 mark trading recently around $ 670. It was previously said that GHash wouldn’t break the 51 %, mark as reaching 51% of all hashing power is a serious threat to the Bitcoin community. It is something to do willfully that the 51% attack would have to meant to behave badly as Ars Technica reported recently that GHash was accused of using its considerable hashing power to attack a gambling site.

Detailing about the 51% event on Friday, Ittay Eyal, and Emin Guin Sirer, both of Cornell specified to it as the Armageddon stating that GHash is in a position to exercise the complete control over those transactions that are appearing on the blockchain as there where miners reaping mining rewards keeping 100% of mining profits to themselves as they choose. It is a fact to be noted that whereas the Bitcoin is currently an expensive distributed database under the control of a single entity there is albeit one that requires constant burning energy to maintain worst of all words.

As they claim it isn’t clear what is the next as GHash keeps itself over 51% making Bitcoin unstable harming cryptocurrency price whereas at the same time GHash percentage is set to spur others bringing more computational power online and thus make it harder for GHash having a shot at staying over the 50% level. This could keep regular folks from adopting the cryptocurrency as the implicit trust undergirds Bitcoin as denigrated destroying altogether with the price hitting the skids harder that it recently did. 

How is the Square Cash Expanding Bitcoin Buying And Selling To All Users?

For select users a few months ago Square’s peer-to-peer payment app called Square Cash was running a Bitcoin trial as these users could buy and sell Bitcoin thereby using whatever the payment method is that they had attached to the app. The payments company as of now just announced that all users have access to Bitcoin trading in their app where they can buy up to $ 10,000 worth of Bitcoin a week as well as deposit it from other addresses as the app isn’t adding a fee to purchases with the sale price being a mid-market price averaged from different exchanges and include a spread. 

It was then that subsequently, the company created an interactive website/storybook that was explaining the Bitcoin to an average person where instant buying of Bitcoin is now available to most of those CashApp customers while supporting Bitcoin as we can see it as a long term path towards greater financial access for all as a small step. Coming as popular the release was a free stock trading app Robinhood that announced they ‘ll soon add free cryptocurrency trading for all users as the company already has over 1M people on its waitlist showing how strong the demand is for more cryptocurrency trading platforms. Whereas it is known that many use Coinbase, as the only legitimate option to buy and sell Bitcoin, the startup has suffered from tremendous growing pains and downtime during times of extreme traffic. Especially as it comes to customer service.

With the release comes the cryptocurrency markets during a correction as with some currencies like Bitcoin trading it is nearly half of their month-ago highs, additionally stating to wonder if regulatory scrutiny is all about causing the ICO bubble pop with many offerings being canceled and converted to private sales. While it is the truth that it comes regardless of what is happening to the price of cryptocurrencies whereby in short term with the rollout of Square Cash‘s Bitcoin features and all of the upcoming launch of Robinhood’s crypto product bringing in more of the much-needed competition as well as the growth to the sector.

The Concluding Thoughts On The Discussion

Along with these ideas, the Bitcoin trading platform comes to a various extent thereby allowing investors to choose the best one that interests them. As hackers pose a challenge this ease of trading helps them gain much-needed attention. 

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