Proponents And Detractors Give A Variety Of Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2021 Ranging From Zero To $318,000

Why are cryptos going bullish? What are the predictions of experts? Is Bitcoin losing its value? 

Proponents And Detractors Give A Variety Of Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2021 Ranging From Zero To $318,000

Reason Behind Cryptos Going Bullish. 

A number of crypto proponents are extremely bullish for the crypto asset’s performance in 2021 while bitcoin has jumped well above the $26,000 zone. Hence it is here that a number of pundits, experts, luminaries, and speculators have then predicted bitcoin’s 2021value just as they are the digital currency that has experienced a phenomenal year in 2020 as also during the last year. 

2021 Bitcoin Price Predictions

As the cryptocurrency had a spectacular year amid a crazy global economy, on December 26, 2020, the price of bitcoin spiked well over the $26k handle. A number of people have tried to predict the future price of the crypto asset ahead of time ever since BTC started gaining popularity. Numerous individuals have given their predictions on bitcoin’s future value and what the price may be in 2021 as in 2020 the forecasts have been no different. Researchers from polled 47 cryptocurrency experts about their 2021 predictions for instance as BTC rallied throughout the year. 

Most of the panellists said that the bull run will last at least until the second half of 2021 as the poll was also completed before BTC crossed the $20k zone. Panellists predict the price of BTC will more than double by the end of 2020 according to the survey. Forecasting an average price of $51,951 per bitcoin as well were the survey respondents also. After the peak in 2021, although 52% of the panellists expect bitcoin will see a sharp drop. 

Predicting bitcoin could reach $65k in 2021, in mid-November, was billionaire investor and Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz. When he gave the “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams some advice, Novogratz forecasted this price range. Novogratz tweeted, that he bought more BTC last night at 15800. At the time he stressed to Williams saying it's coming to 20k and then to 65k as the network effect then has taken over. As there is very little supply, he sees tons of new buyers. Than at 11k, it's an easier trade here. So indeed, you can buy it. 

Saying that by 2022, BTC could tap $170k, the analyst Mike McGlone from Bloomberg has also predicted some future bitcoin prices. McGlone then said, it just added a one to the front of the number as the key thing about Bitcoin this year is very simple. At the end of last year, remember it was around $7,000. Next year or two could add a zero to the back of the number as what he is worried about was if you then look at the past performance, which comes to be potentially indicative of the future. 

According to the prediction from Citibank analyst Tom Fitzpatrick, by the end of 2021, BTC will trade at $318,000. Likely seeing unthinkable rallies followed by painful corrections is BTC as said by Fitzpatrick. Bitcoin was the new gold with fewer restrictions as furthermore, the Citibank executive said. Fitzpatrick insisted, that possibly even called yesterday’s news in terms of a financial hedge, gold has restrictions such as storage, non-portable. The new gold is bitcoin. 

Predicting that BTC will touch a high of $150k was this summer the cofounder of cryptoanalysis firm Blockfyre, Simon Dedic. Dedic then said you could have bought literally any altcoin and it was a good investment in 2017. This won’t happen again IMO. He added pumping the few solid altcoins out there, however, he still believes that the bull run will return.

Including ETH ($9K), LINK ($200), BNB ($500), VET ($1), and XTZ ($200), Dedic’s summer tweet forecasts a number of price predictions. 

Thereby Mark Yusko, the CEO of the capital management giant Morgan Creek, has recently predicted that bitcoin could then easily reach $100,000 in 2021 or 2022 just when during a May 6, 2020 interview. Yusko also insisted that bitcoin’s price could reach $400 to $500k as well during the discussion. You could easily see that $400,000 to $500,000 price at some point in time, in case we come to gold equivalence meaning the market cap of bitcoin equals the market cap of gold which he thinks is perfectly logical as Yusko stated at the time. 

From Zero To Six-Digits

As the Seeking Alpha financial columnist Anton Wahlman believes bitcoin is worthless and will go to zero, as not everyone is so enthusiastic about bitcoin’s future value. Wahlman’s recent editorial insists, that you hardly know where to begin to make the argument as sometimes there’s something so absurd. Wahlman then added it should not have to be explained, for it's so obvious and self-evident. Such a case is bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. 

Telling his readers that cryptocurrencies are a fad best avoided despite Paypal accepting bitcoin was the financial contributor for The Times UK, Oliver Kamm. 

When BTC was trading for $12,931 per unit, Kamm wrote that in your portfolio cryptocurrencies don’t belong. Adding to this, Kamm then said, you can’t value them is the reason. Just a gamble is an asset that does not even pay a notional stream of cashflows like bonds, that pay interest, or shares as they pay dividends or property providing rental income. Be prepared to lose your entire stake by all means engage in it like punting on a roulette wheel for recreation. 

The Final Thoughts 

Thinking that the price of bitcoin could reach $100k by December 2021 was the creator of the price model called stock-to-flow who goes by the Twitter name Plan B. we are waiting for a real jump like the red arrows in early 2013 and 2017 as current bitcoin price action is nice. Indeed phase 5, January 2021, IMO that will be the start of the real bull market, as tweeted by Plan B on November 22. 

Detractors believe the crypto asset like bitcoin is still worthless overall there are a lot of bullish predictions from proponents. Including those like the RT host Max Keiser, venture capitalist Tim Draper, the Pantera Capital’s crypto analyst Nicholas Merten, as well as Morgan Creek’s executive Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano, there are a number of other experts, executives, and pundits have predicted six-digit prices. Similar to the economist and the hedge fund manager Mike Dow who was seen tweeting earlier this year that Bitcoin is over. #RIP, it is there likely that always be detractors as well.

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