Right Now 'BTC Ownership Is Not Highly Concentrated' Whereas Analysis Shows Bitcoin Whales Are Stockpiling, 

Here are the details on bitcoin ownership. We can see both shrimps as well as whales. So, what is the good news?

Right Now 'BTC Ownership Is Not Highly Concentrated' Whereas Analysis Shows Bitcoin Whales Are Stockpiling, 

Report On Bitcoin Ownership

A few reports from mainstream media (MSM) outlets tried to prove that a large sum of bitcoin is controlled by a small group of people during the last few months. A claim that doesn’t hold weight to onchain analysts, recently Bloomberg claimed that “ 2% of accounts control 95% of all bitcoin. Stressing that bitcoin ownership is not highly concentrated on Tuesday Glassnode researcher Rafael Schultze-Kraft’s latest report refutes this claim by MSM. 

Shrimps to Humpbacks: The Ocean of Bitcoin Entities

Without much research and knowledge concerning digital assets, often MSM outlets and reporters publish a story about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. MSM reports concerning the digital currency’s ownership concentration have appeared more recently after bitcoin surpassed the crypto asset’s 2017 all-time high and touched a new ATH in 2021. 

On a page that shows BTC addresses with the largest holdings, the reporters usually leverage the Bitcoin Rich List stemming from the web portal Bitinfocharts. By explaining that bitcoin ownership is not highly concentrated but also adds that whales are accumulating, Glassnode researcher Rafael Schultze-Kraft has debunked this theory as others have in the past. 

Here comes the estimated distribution of Bitcoin that is across network entities over time. 

These journalists simply comb the distribution of bitcoin across the network’s addresses as Schultze-Kraft says that the issue with reports like the one published by Bloomberg is. The researcher’s report notes, around BTC ownership among stakeholders, this leads to misleading statistics which results in false narratives. Not all bitcoin addresses are equal and bitcoin addresses should not be considered an account is highlighting the fact. 

The Glassnode analyst said, showing that BTC ownership disperses over time and is much less concentrated than often reported, we analyse the distribution of bitcoin across network participants. The researcher then added that suggesting institutional investors are entering, meanwhile BTC supply held by whales has recently increased. Including “shrimps(5000 BTC)”, the report separates the network entities into specific marine species names. 

The Glassnode team also segregated the entities of known exchanges and mining operations into separate categories as Schultze- Kraft says. 

Conclusion: ‘2% Of Network Entities Control 71.5% Of All Bitcoin’

Of the bitcoin supply distribution, miners have 9.7% while exchanges have 12.7% and 1000 to 5000 BTC whale’s category make up 18.4%.

Whales and humpbacks are the biggest non-exchange entities that together control around 31% of the bitcoin supply on the large end of the spectrum. Schultze-Kraft emphasises these are most likely institutions, funds, custodians, OTC desks, and other high net worth individuals. 

Adding to this the researcher says: 

Smaller entities holding up 50 BTC each (shrimp, crab, and octopus) control almost 23% of the supply on the other hand. That a substantial number of bitcoins are in the hands of retail investors is this showing. 

Showing the crypto asset’s supply distribution across entities over time, one particular figure in the Glassnode study is. Schultze-Kraft adds that it becomes apparent that the relative amount of BTC held by smaller entities has been growing over the course of Bitcoin’s lifetime. 

The report highlights the misleading and unfactual claims made by Bloomberg’s financial contributor Olga Kharif after a number of other figures and charts. 

Schultze- Kraft report concludes, that around 2% of network entities control 71.5% of all bitcoin we derive. From the often propagated 2% controlling 95% of the supply and so note that this figure is substantially different. 

The Bitcoin As It Is Observed To Be

With highlights from experts like Schultze-Kraft, bitcoin is always found to be a robust investment vehicle. Where then are we supposed to hide this crypto from the rest of the investor world, it is often quoted that there is always one way or the other as it brings the investment to be the best among all cryptos. 

Bitcoin ownership according to experts ae not highly concentrated. This brings to the forefront that the whales and shrimps are still plenty in the crypto world. For more on the bitcoin world, we prefer the researchers talk to you on the importance of studying the movements of these whales and shrimps. Be it the reason behind the ownership that accounts for almost 2%, it is also required to begin with the investment in the crypto world.  

The Conclusion 

While we sign off here, this report throws light on many of the investment trends that are overpowering the bitcoin world and for now we have the best team analysing the trends and movements. We promise this space will provide you with all the detailed information you need on the price movements and ownership of the bitcoin and the rest of the crypto world specialities. Highlighting all the best and worst from the crypto world, we have the experts discussing in detail all about the cryptocurrency including bitcoin and others. 

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