The Singapore Crypto Exchange Of Binance Is Now Live

A short report on the Singapore based crypto exchange from Binance. What are its promises? Where does it fail?

Why Did Binance Bring The Singapore Crypto Exchange?

It has been seen as the most widely used, world’s largest crypto exchange Binance that has officially set up shop in Singapore after it launched a service in the country. 

Bearing more of a resemblance to the US rival Coinbase, the new Singapore service comes with more energy rather than a classic Binance exchange. With a rapid ascent, Binance gives thanks to the service letting users trade a range of crypto tokens along with very little verification or the individual data required. While the Singapore venture comes to be quite the opposite, it allows customers to purchase Bitcoin only at the fixed prices that initially appear as the purchased Bitcoin is not possible to be moved out of the exchange at this point whereas the issue seems to belong fixed by now. 

Following an investment from Vertex, Binance’s Singapore launch as a VC firm backed by Singapore’s sovereign fund Temasek as also the Binance has been testing the beta version of the service in the country ever since late 2018 as it is in communication with Singaporean regulator MAS. 

Prioritising the creation of fiat ramps, the company exchanges allow customers to buy into crypto using currency over the past six months as it also seeks to gain the increased legitimacy playing within regulated jurisdictions. Stressing the importance of going beyond retail customers CEO Changpeng Zhao has reached institutional money enabling it to enter crypto as the global financial hub where Singapore is its biggest effort on fiat to date. 

The Fiat Effort Of The Crypto Exchange

With the third fiat effort, the Singapore venture comes from Binance following exchanges in Uganda and Jersey which is a joint venture in Lichenstein yet to launch even though it remains to be seen how useful the Singapore offering will be in the current form. 

For long Binance users have been accustomed to the choice of a vast array of crypto assets on sale while the Binance Singapore exchange falling short on the count despite considerable expectation for the launch. 

The information on the website interestingly indicates that the new Binance venture appears to be a partnership with Xfers, a crypto start-up in Southeast Asia helping Coinbase set up service in Singapore. Ending the partnership, Coinbase quit the country claiming that Xfers was not suitable in the current form to handle the growth it saw. Then how is Binance getting on? 

Providing the following comment is a Binance spokesperson in response to the launch:

Excited to bring world-class blockchain technology to Singapore, they look forward to showcasing Binance’s tier-one safety and security measures to the world. The initial pair Binance Singapore offers is BTC/SGD with the soft launch as there may be more pairs added as regulations allow.  

With full deposit/withdrawal functionality, Binance Singapore for any functionality issues may be user-specific encouraging them to contact customer service for support.

Thereby along with the prior partnership with Coinbase, it is concerning Xfers that is now able to handle the volumes large enough to support Binance Singapore and working together to build what is the key fiat gateway and hence it will grow the industry. 

The company meanwhile has made another significant announcement after the official launch of decentralised exchange also called Dex as the other majority priority besides fiat. 

Dex doesn’t yet include trading pairs or native tokens as there are no initial fireworks as the launch means that blockchain companies are now able to migrate from Ethereum, EOS, or other blockchains beginning to issue tokens on Binance Chain. Confirming that the first of those migrations are expected to happen a Binance spokesperson says the first is Binance’s BNB token that is moving from ERC20 to BEP2. 

Being in testing Dex is the company that has some 8.5 million transactions been made where the real test is the projects beginning to move over and in case traders begin to utilise the platform in large volumes going forward. Claiming that its Dex operates as an alternative to the existing centralised exchanges rather than as a replacement by Binance. 

The Concluding Words On The Discussion

Drawing revenue from the over-the-counter trading Binance has trading fees of the crypto on the platform and via BNB. The Dex could eventually augmented the monetisation as Binance gains share of the network fees as the nodes are used in transactions on the Dex. The increased usage of Dex and Binance Chain has likewise raised the value of BNB as it has been on an incredible run outpacing Bitcoin itself.

BNB broke $25 valued at $6.02 earlier with a current price at $ 24.20 according to the data from remaining to be seen how the developments will impact the crypto. 

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