We Bring Here How Via Its C# Native Platform Stratis Is Providing Blockchain As A Service To All Businesses

What is Stratis providing as BaaS? Is it the latest from blockchain technology experts? To know more about it here are the details you need.

We Bring Here How Via Its C# Native Platform Stratis Is Providing Blockchain As A Service To All Businesses

Introducing Stratis

Designed to implement complex blockchain architecture within mainstream coding languages, used by everyday companies away from the crypto niche, Stratis was created for a simple purpose, i.e., to provide enterprises with blockchain as a service (BaaS) solution. 

Alongside tool customisation via its open-source protocol, it does this although cloud solutions support C# and .NET application building. What then is the result of this? The two powerful combinations- Stratis now unlocks the power of the blockchain technology for mainstream businesses as well as unlocks the mainstream market thereby for the blockchain industry. 

Accessing a less expensive and less complex blockchain building framework are enterprises that find themselves relying on the Straits toolset. Something which is niche and represents a huge barrier to entry by setup cost to all but the largest of companies as they no longer need to purchase and as they manage what comes to be their own full nodes nor do they have to build a blockchain infrastructure right from scratch.

Pleased to find that Stratis supports virtual machines via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform as moreover businesses in need of smart contract support will be. 

Stratis – Tailored With Perfection

Decentralization, privacy, scalability, practicality, accessibility, reliability, security, and performance, Stratis holds several key values that make it an optimal choice for blockchain operations. Stratis blockchains run a number of cloud-based full nodes so that decentralisation is assured to better understand this. All transactions and communications remain private as privacy is guaranteed through cryptographic encryption.

Achieved through the means of intuitive sidechain usage Stratis is also keen on providing an adaptable degree of scalability.  

Developers can efficiently code self-enforcing programs utilising their existing development tools and existing knowledge of a rich and versatile programming language, as companies looking to leverage the power of smart contracts as it is must know that Stratis comes as the only platform that is providing support for the C# execution. Increasing their suitability for today’s interconnected world, Stratis is also working on facilitating cross-chain communication between contracts running within Stratis’ ecosystem and those deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. 

STRAX Swap On Binance

Designed to flawlessly integrate within the platform’s existing business model, in September 2020 the team introduced STRAX the more powerful protocol. On a 1:1 basis via Binance, previously minted STRAT tokens have been swapped to STRAX tokens. Such as the STRAX SideChain, Stratis InterFlux, SegWit support, cold-staking, the DeFi app library, IoT development tools, and many others, following the shift Stratis will introduce a series of other advanced features. 

Network participants can receive token-based rewards in exchange for staking their STRAX tokens since STRAX is based on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The team has decided to use cold-staking for ideal token security as Stratis is well-aware of the security risks posed by hot wallet storage. 

2021 – The Year For Stratis & Baas

When introduced, it is the Unity Development Kit ( that allows the integration of the NFTs as also the decentralized identities within the gaming ecosystem), the DeFi Software Library (which is a catalogue of C# standardized smart contracts), the Stratis DAO (that is a means of funding next-gen developments via voting), the Stratis System Contracts (which introduces on-chain logic and then simplifies user-driven processes), as also the mobile wallet featuring token support (thereby supporting tokens issued on the Cirrus Sidechain), are scheduled to be launched by Straits in Q1 2021. 

Then the Python Development Kit (that allows Python coders to build on Stratis), the IoT Development Kit (that is meant to introduce Stratis solutions to the IoT hardware), thereafter a new version of Proof-of-Stake (boasting the improved security and the additional features), Stratis Oracles (coming as a distributed means of accessing off-chain data), and the Dex Mobile Support (that allows mobile trading of SRC20 tokens) are being launched by Stratis in Q2 2021. 

Thereafter observing that Ethereum Interoperability (just known as InterFlux, where this will enable usage of the wrapped STRAX tokens on what is the Ethereum chain), it is along with the STO & Digital Asset Platform (thereby providing the tools needed to then manage token offerings), soon to be launched by Stratis in Q4 2021. 

We Conclude The Article, There Are More To Be Understood. 

2021 looks like a promising year for Stratis with so much happening last year and so much on the horizon. About how Straits is changing the world one blockchain at a time, you can find out more. So, we wish you a happy new year full of robust technologies helping the blockchain scenario more for the ones using it. As we are on the lookout for more of the industry giants are keener in developing newer technologies. Keep watch and we are sure to help you.

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