What Are The Recent Developments In Coinbase And Amazon Coins?

Coinbase has launched a new Coinbase bundle. Amazon brings a new Appstore app focusing on the coins. What are the implications of these developments?

What Are The Recent Developments In Coinbase And Amazon Coins?

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Coinbase Now Lets Users Buy ‘Bundles’ In Addition To Launching A Database Of The Top 50 Coins

Recently Coinbase was found shaking things up a bit lately with the latest tools geared towards cryptocurrency traders whereby they are just getting their toes wet. It had announced that it would add a feature called coinbase bundle which offers users to purchase market weighed sampling of Coinbase’s five available cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic. Here the ideas presented are that a bundle of coins offers users a starter pack for cryptocurrency trading on a platform along with stakes of their choice. As Coinbase adds more coins, it does not exactly diversify the portfolio so much that slightly counterbalanced selection of Coinbase’s current limited offerings. 

While it is a fact that Coinbase has introduced index funds targeting institutional investors in the US, they require an investment between $ 250,000 and $ 20million, geared toward the casual individual investor with bundles starting at $25. While these beginning traders have preferred to follow rather than beat the market, it is betting on broad growth over time for a product like Coinbase Bundle making sense, while it has Coinbase adding a lot more coins. 

What Is The Future Of Coinbase?

Expecting to see the funds appear in their wallet like normal, users buying a Coinbase Bundle have them behaving like separate assets sold and send elsewhere. When it comes to beyond bundles, Coinbase launches a few educational cryptocurrency tools geared to anyone learning the ropes. Amongst many, the first tools are Coinbase Asset Pages which is like the company’s own CoinMarketCap database whereby anyone can view details regarding the top 50 coins by market cap listed by Coinbase or not.

Similar to other resources, the new tool of Coinbase provides historic trading data, current market cap, a description of cryptocurrency along with links to relevant white papers and project websites. This is unlike other resources where Coinbase artificially lists its offering at the top rather than depicting coins where they fall in terms of market cap.

Launching a dedicated learning hub, Coinbase has on its site, new users browsing topics that are like “what is blockchain?” and “where do cryptocurrencies get their value?” in many cases. 

How Is Coinbase Influencing Developers With Its Appeal?

Coinbase’s appeal to the brand new user's surprises that this didn’t already exist. As it wasn’t particularly implemented with many wide-eyed investors who bought it at all-time highs they were handed big losses in the coming months. 

It was a great mainstream interest in digital currencies that are cooled from fever dream highs which made Coinbase’s famously user-friendly entry point into the cryptocurrency world as it was even more approachable for first-time buyers if many remain that can’t hurt. Thus it is readying for the plan to list coins well beyond the currently limited offering where a transformation sees the platform evolve from a historical identity where it is similar to a blue-chip stock shop and to something more akin to digital currency’s attractive which is a well-lit corner store.

Thus the outcome is Coinbase’s new top 50 asset pages with the learning hub live now. Limited to the US and Europe, these Coinbase Bundles start showing up for users today and thereby rolling out continually through the next few weeks.

The Amazon Has Brought A New Appstore App With Better Discovery, Focusing On Amazon Coins

It is not only that Amazon’s Kindle app comes as the only mobile app from the company getting a makeover but it has quietly introduced a new version of its Appstore app for android devices. Whereas the new store features are a visual redesign, it has come with an increased focus on amazon’s own virtual currency which is the Amazon Coins.

As it was being introduced in early 2013, these coins platform now represents a different means thereby encouraging consumers paying for apps and in-app purchases while instead of a dollar amount associated with their purchase the app developers are surely showing the purchase amount as coins. Amazon is believed to take the sting out of spending cash by this.

It Is Certainly A Bit Unclear To What Extent That Has Paid Off.

With the Amazon trying other programs meant to encourage users to download more apps, it has since then included giving them away for free under a program called Amazon Underground shutting down earlier. Amazon at the time was said to have other ways for developers to make more money that includes Amazon Coins why it no longer needed underground. 

It is known that now Coins Has A Prominent Position In The New Appstore.

In the Appstore, from the tab labeled coins, the users can buy coins in various packages as the idea is that the more coins you purchase the more you save on the purchase amount. This is for example 100 amazon coins worth $1.00 whereas when you buy them in large bundles they cost less. Customers are sure to save up to 22percent with the highest package on their coin purchases.

Developers are still entitled to receive their 70 percent royalty where the customer buys their app or in-app purchase using coins meaning Amazon is eating the discount.

Coins are used by app developers in addition to a way to encourage users to try their apps or stay engaged as amazon gives them away for free as in-game rewards. Showcasing ways consumers can earn more coins, the coins tab gives developers increased exposure. 

How Does It Affect The Appstore?

The revamped Appstore introduces a simpler more streamlined interface with those visual elements that are similar to bigger images beyond the new focus on coins promoting the apps with horizontal navigation at the top for browsing personalize recommendations, games, top charts and more to it.

These come in addition to a tab for browsing apps by category where there’s also a new “my apps” tab letting customers manage apps already downloaded as well as install updates.

The developers on one hand following the announcement has apps that are already being distributed to all the android devices where they don’t need to be updated as they immediately become available in the new Appstore. On the other hand, developers toggle this on under their device support options in the developer portal. 

The Final Words

This revamp of Amazon’s Appstore comes in a time where the two major app stores include mainly Google Play as well as the iOs App Store just undergoing makeovers of their own. The recently introduced selection of instant apps in Google’s case has apps that can be used without download alongside other features similar to that of improved Editor’s Choice with a new hub for games.

Apple’s App Store makeover meanwhile is the more extensive increasing use of editorial separated top charts of games and apps with a whole new design. To quote Amazon says the new AppStore app is currently available for Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablet and android devices in 236 countries and territories. 

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