Who are The Biggest Token Losers as well as This Year’s Top-Performing Cryptocurrencies? Here Are 2020’s Crypto Performances Recorded

How is bitcoin doing in this Covid-19 struck situation? The market still sees great movement. Get the details here for your information.

Who are The Biggest Token Losers as well as This Year’s Top-Performing Cryptocurrencies? Here Are 2020’s Crypto Performances Recorded

The Situation In Global Cryptocurrency Market 

Despite the gloomy global economy and the aftermath of Covid-19 responses, digital currency markets have climbed significantly in value all year long. Since January 5, 2020, bitcoin prices have been hovering at values not seen since 2017, as also the top crypto asset in terms of market cap has gained a whopping 159%. The following is a look at the top crypto gainers and the biggest losers in 2020 in fact as many crypto assets have seen spectacular 12-month returns. 

While many global economies worldwide shudder, the crypto economy is thriving as this year has been a crazy one, to say the least. Wreaking financial havoc on the masses, Covid-19 and the nation-state's responses to the virus that has entailed shutting down large sections of the global economy and locking down healthy citizens. 

On March 12, 2020, the bottom dropped out on everything including digital asset markets, as moreover stocks, bonds, equities, and a myriad of traditional commodities lost considerable value.

Under the sun, however, these cryptocurrency markets have persevered and the numerous digital assets have outperformed nearly every traditional investment. Bitcoin was trading for $7,411 per coin on January 5 and it has since gained 159% to-date according to data from coinmarketcap.com’s historical snapshots. 

According to historical prices at the time, the top ten crypto assets back in January had this editorial recording it on December 7, 2020 opening crypto asset prices. 

Bitcoin And The Related Coins

Bitcoin at $ 19,200 per BTC has gained a colossal 433% since that date if one was to measure the crypto asset’s 2020 bottom on March 12, otherwise known to be the Black Thursday at the rate of $ 3,600 per unit. 

It was not the top-performing crypto-asset during the last 12 months as even though BTC is the top blockchain in terms of market valuation.

Even though these specific digital currencies have not yet surpassed all-time price highs, many other top ten assets performed a whole lot better than BTC. 

On December 7, 2020, BTC/USD chart for the 12 months has BTC gaining 159% YTD.

Indicating that Ethereum was swapping for $136 per coin, for instance, is historical snapshots from January 5. The coin has gained 337% in value since then today with ETH prices hovering around $595 per unit. 

On December 7, 2020, the ETH/USD chart for the 12 months was with BTC gaining 337% YTD.

With a 12-month jump from $0.19 per coin to $0.61 a token giving XRP a 221% gain, XRP did better than BTC too. Swapping for $1.81 per token, on January 5, Chainlink (LINK) was holding down the 20th largest market cap position. Chainlink has captured the seventh largest position as today, LINK is up 629% at a $13,20 price per unit. 

When back then it held the 13th position during the first week of the year, Cardano (ADA) holds the eighth position this week. Thereafter when ADA was trading for $0.03 per coin as of now it has since jumped 400% to 0.15 per coin, on January 5. BTC, ETH, LINK, XRP, and ADA performed the best in 2020 out of the top ten coin market caps. 

A few dozen outpaced some of the top ten performers by a long shot as of course a number of lesser-known tokens saw some super large gains in 2020. Gamestars (GST) jumped over 68,999%, for instance as data shows that during the last 12 months against the USD. Tokens similar to zap (ZAP 6,374%), auctus (AUC 5,489%), aave (AAVE 5,121%), and starchain (STC 3,674%) are included following gamestars. 

Finally Wrapping Up The Discussion With A Few More Words

As some coins lost over 99%, there were also a number of coins that lost over 90% of their value in 2020. aleph.im (ALEPH 99.96%), kimchi.finance (KIMCHI 99.51%), orion protocol (ORN 98.98%), and covesting (COV 97.96%) are the coins included. 

Top coins like BTC have seen market caps swell since the first week of January 2020, moreover because of the last 12 months of issuance.

There were only 18.1 million BTC in circulation as of January 5, bitcoin’s (BTC) overall market calculation was $134 billion. 

Circulating coins have increased by 18,564,743 BTC since then as today BTC’s market cap has increased by 164%. There was 109,157,039 ETH in circulation at that time as Ethereum’s market calculation on January 5, was $14 billion. Coins in circulation have increased by 4.19% to 113,735,027 ETH as ETH market valuation increased 378% during that time frame. 

So now you know what is happening here in the crypto world. Stay tuned for more from us.

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