Why Is It Necessary To Take A Closer Look At HTC’s Blockchain Phone, The Exodus 1?

Why Exodus 1? The development of HTC on technology. The facts are clear before you.

Introducing The Blockchain Phone From HTC

There is room for suspicion about the latest turn of events where after months of teasing its blockchain phone, HTC’s Exodus 1 has therefore mostly relied on wireframes and renders whereas now it was an MIA where a matter of weeks before it was set to hit the market. While they still managed to get their hands on the phone, it is here for all the world to see framed against some hideous hotel carpeting thereafter appearing to be one of the few constants regardless of where you happen to go in the world. Being a pretty big standard piece of HTC hardware, the device is one that’s tough to distinguish from the U12. The company has been pretty upfront about that and it’s no surprise whereas it doesn’t seem the company is operating under any illusions that the Exodus will be a blockbuster of the sort of hit while the company needs after a couple of rough years culminated with 1,500 layoffs. 

The company has therefore used the device as the conduit for a sort of beta testing which is among the sort of crypto enthusiasts who might pay the Bitcoin/ether equivalent of $ 700- 900 as for the reason HTC hasn’t done too much to tweak the hardware beyond some chip-level adjustments like the addition of a secure enclave on the Snapdragon chip. The addition of an Exodus HTC logo etched onto the transparent backing is the single major aesthetic update here as it is highly reflective and hence the somewhat awkward angles here. 

The Technology Behind Exodus 1 From HTC

While HTC was still not ready to show off the Zion interface, getting hold of the device comes with OS sitting on top of Android offering a secure place in which to store one’s keys as though the company does plan to show off before or around the handset’s ship date. Thereafter HTC’s Decentralised Chief Officer, Phil Chen told that the company comes to be committed as they are to the Vive. He further doesn’t think that it is number one on the priority list as he would say it is number three of four. 

However being a slow growth for the category it is even more of an uphill push rather than the HTC had in its early days of embracing Android as the company as such takes baby steps with the Exodus rather than incorporating the technologies into one of its more mainstream devices. as the shift is likely to happen soon, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some sort of blockchain tech incorporated into an upcoming successor to the U12. While the fact is that the company comes to be open to licensing technologies to third parties which are similar to the deals already struck with the likes of Google to help to provide industrial design for Pixel devices as Chen says he can also see a similar model to the ways HTC’s Viveport technologies operate with third parties as though the companies have to be willing to give up which some access to user data and essentially important part of many current business models. 

According to Chen, the future of this is still very much up in the air as he adds they are seen as the trusted Android vaguely alluding to a future road map which finds HTC shifting its focus from hardware to software and IP, as he says they are not talking about monetization right now as they have some ideas. There are further plans to continue development on the line as the Exodus 1 name optimistically implies while the devoted blockchain phone comes largely a stepping stone toward incorporating that technology into more mainstream devices. Furthermore, Chen explains that the company is, therefore, working on following that it will be further distinguished for other handsets though he’s not ready to discuss specifics. 

The Concluding Thoughts On Exodus 1

With engineers numbering between 20 and 30 HTC has presently worked on the blockchain project and thereby bringing in experts who are in the space to educate them on the several intricacies of the technologies. Here there are even among those who currently are devoted to building out the devices which is all very much a learning process. While there is room for more speculation, HTC is building upon the blockchain technology and thereby doing rounds in the evolution of technology

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