Will The Blockchain Start-up With 1M Users Break Your Google Habit- Part 2

The second part brings more reasons to you. Read on Presearch and know more. It is quite informative. 

The Search Comes Decentralized

The name of the game is breaking the Google habit and opening up web users to a richer and more diverse field of search alternatives where Presearch’s vision comes to be a community-owned choice rich online playing field in place as the Google search box normally squats what is a sort of pluralist, collaborative commons welcoming multiple search providers rewarding the surfaces community curated search results in further diversity encouraging the Internet users to discover the democratized multiplicity of search results, not just the things big tech wants them to see. 

As Pape puts it, there is an ultimate vision which is a fully decentralized search engine as the users crawl the web as they surf as also where there’s kind of a framework for all of the participants within the ecosystem to be rewarded. It was noted that Presearch as a developing community has contributed a search engine that means that in addition to it has the federated search tool platform competing with the third-party search providers offering access to whereas from its point of view the more the merrier calling it to search choices for customizable courses.

As Pape further notes as you’re a producer on the web and realizing how much control Google does have over the user traffic there are thousands of different search resources which are out there that are subsisting underneath of Google as they are trying to give them even more of a platform with a lot of these different providers including DuckDuckGo, as Qwant is behind to break that Google dependency makes it easier for them to have a direct relationship with their audience. 

The Current Scenario

Similar to many start-ups Presearch may therefore never make good on the massive disruptive vision as it certainly got the work cut out as being a start-up in what is a Google-dominated search space making the standard hostile success odds exponentially harsher. Admitting in its whitepaper, the start-up says Presearch is a highly ambitious project while Google comes to be one of the best companies in the world and ranked first on the Internet. it may even be said to be impossible to improve on their results, experience and integrations that will be no small feat as they collectively believe the community still can creatively and elegantly fulfill their search engine needs from ground up creating an amazing and open search engine aligned with interests of humanity not just in the company. 

The Basic Idea Of Presearch

For now, the basic idea is to let users select the most appropriate search toll as whatever bit of info they’re trying to locate, as the level playing field is here for a whole bunch of different search resources idea. Pape says about a quarter of active users switching between different engines as it does look like a power tool with niche appeal so that 75% are not which is being juiced and here come the crypto rewarding users for searching via the federated search field with a token called PRE. It is here that Pape says users come to be provided with a quarter token per presearch performed to a cap of eight tokens per day. 

As he adds they see as well as the opportunity to build out an ecosystem of places for the people to spend the token as well and thereby they can exchange it directly for either digital goods or material goods through an online platform as that’s also in the works. Most of the early adopters are holders as things stand according to Pape holding onto their PRE speculating on as yet unknown token economies. He agrees that there is enough for the entire cryptocurrency space as an element of speculation with people tending to let their imaginations run wild as there’s kind of interesting confluence of that core base utility as you have a token backed by advertising something that you can convert it to. This is where there is a potential concept of the value of the network having essentially sometimes of a stake in the value of that network. 

In this context for advertisers, the PRE token hence buys targeted ad impressions placed in front of Presearch users being linked to keywords used by searchers as virtuous privacy-respecting circle Presearch is hoping to create. Hereby Pape makes the point of emphasizing there is no tracking of users’ searches meaning there’s no profiling of presearchers by Presearch itself as ads are being targeted contextually per the current keyword search. In case you are clicking through to the third party like Google or Facebook, it is of course other matter and the standard tracking therefore caveat applies.

Continuing In The Next Post

The next post cites even more aspects of the search engines based on blockchain. Keep reading. 

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