With #BitcoinForAll Giveaway Paxful Celebrates the Real Reasons People Use Bitcoin Every Day

Where is Paxful headed? Why is it celebrating the #BitcoinForAll giveaway? Know all the details about it.

With #BitcoinForAll Giveaway Paxful Celebrates the Real Reasons People Use Bitcoin Every Day

Introducing Paxful 

Celebrating the real reasons people use bitcoin every day with a special $15,000 giveaway is Paxful one of the largest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces in the world. Having access to payments, e-commerce, remittances, wealth preservation and philanthropy with bitcoin is the platform helping millions. 

What Real People Use Bitcoin For

It is no surprise that most of the news you hear about the cryptocurrency focus on the price gains with bitcoin’s incredible recent rally. For many people, it is so much more than just a speculative asset however it is important to remember. It therefore can see the real uses people have for bitcoin as Paxful is active all over the world including in markets with hundreds of millions of unbanked people such as in Africa and Asia. 

Paxful is launching a special $15,000 giveaway where 1,500 traders can win up to $100 in bitcoin in order to celebrate these real-world use cases and the fact that bitcoin is a valuable tool for all people. 

Payments are the first use case for bitcoin. Even people that are privileged enough to have a bank account still face difficulties controlling their own hard-earned money in many parts of the world. Not letting them spend more than $100 a day for example this is because many banks particularly in Africa impose daily spending limits on clients. By buying gift cards on a P2P marketplace with bitcoin and use that to pay directly for the stores they need, bitcoin empowers people to overcome these limitations. Including gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, bank wires, and much more on Paxful there are over 300 payment methods available. 

Bitcoin also allows everyday people to start their own e-commerce businesses even if they don’t have bank accounts on the complementing side of the market. Accepting bitcoin directly and changing it on a P2P marketplace for local cash comes to be anyone in the world. The Pay with Paxful feature enables merchants to revolutionise the way people pay them with more than 300 payment methods making it even easier for merchants to start e-commerce businesses. 

Join #BitcoinForAll $15,000 Giveaway

Another major use case for bitcoin is remittances. To be able to support their families and even for some whole economises to stay afloat immigrant workers sending money back home is a vital way for many. To extract as much profit as possible from their captive clientele unfortunately the current international remittances system takes advantage of this vital need. Just to send money home in some countries people have to pay up to 20% transfer and exchange fees.

Here it is the time before factoring in the time wasted waiting in line thereafter at some remittance shop or the bank as also the delays until the money reaches its destination. Making the whole remittance process much cheaper, easier, and faster is bitcoin. Everyday people can use their free wallets to send funds to friends and family using Bitcoin making a living helping workers with remittances with a P2P platform like Paxful. 

To make sure it's still worth as much when you need it is the next step after sending money home. Many people use bitcoin as means for wealth preservation for this reason. For many in emerging markets, this is already a reality with their local currencies losing value fast as much has been saying recently about how the printing of $3 trillion will debase the USD and push the American people to bitcoin. Wrecking the economies of countries like Nigeria, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Argentina, and Venezuela is inflation and hyperinflation. A hedge against local governments mismanaging the nation’s finances, unforeseen crisis, and even conflict is bitcoin as a global and decentralised currency. Keeping your money in the bank and letting inflation wipe out its value is just not worth it in an age of historically low-interest rates. 

The Final Thoughts Hereby 

The real-world use case for bitcoin is philanthropy is the last but certainly not least. Such as being able to send money anywhere in the world, to whoever you want to help, and without the costly help of middlemen, cryptocurrency has several advantages for making social good in the world. With one of the best examples being Paxful’s #BuiltWithBitcoin initiative, you might not hear about it in the mainstream media but the bitcoin community has some truly charitable people in it. Providing much-needed aid to those in need during a crisis it has built schools and water wells, funded scholarships. 

Launching a new campaign to achieve this, Paxful wishes to raise awareness and celebrate all the important above-mentioned real-world use cases for bitcoin. To the first 1,500 people who sign up, verify their account, and trade using the BitcoinForAll tag, the platform will be giving away $15,000.

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