With Market Updates, We See Blood In The Crypto Streets, The Bitcoin Miner Dumps, The CME Gap, And Finally Defi Doldrums

What is happening in the crypto world? Know the current drifts in the bitcoin world. Which cryptos are gaining? 

The Scenario In The Crypto World

As the aggregate market cap of all the crypto coins shaved more than 10% during yesterday’s trading session as the cryptocurrency economy slid significantly on Thursday afternoon. A number of the top crypto assets are still down in the value between 4-12% and some digital coins saw even bigger losses during the last 48 hours, more than 12 hours later. 

As digital currency proponents have been dealing with extremely volatile prices this week things change quickly in the crypto ecosystem. As prices touched $12,044 per coin on Tuesday for instance bitcoin touched a top on September 1. 

The crypto asset has been tumbling downward ever since then. Shuddering once more to a low of $10,000 the following day, Bitcoin hovered around $11,200 on September 3. The fact turned out to be bitcoin was down 5.4% on Friday, over 10% for the last seven days as well as down 11% for the last 30 days. Bitcoin has been coasting along between $10,250 to $ 10,400 at the time of publication. 

Ethereum also lost a decent chunk of value during the last 48 hours following bitcoin’s drop. As the crypto asset is trading for $395 per coin ETH is down over 5% today. Still up over 10% for the past 30 days Ethereum has lost only half of a percentage during the week. 

With a valuation of roughly $13.7 billion between all the circulating USDT, tether has removed XRP from the third-largest market cap position. The crypto asset is currently swapping for $0.25 per token as XRP has lost 2.5% today.  

With its $4.5 billion market valuation, the number five position now belongs to the Polkadot project. Trading for $12.67 per coin and with a market cap of around $ 4.4 billion on Friday, Chainlink holds the sixth position. 

All About The Cryptos

As each BCH swaps for $235 per coin Bitcoin cash markets are down over 5% today. For the last 90 days, BCH is down 7.5%, and during the last 30 days over 20% as also showing bitcoin cash to be down 12.8% over the one-week stats. 

Crypto proponents are trying to figure out why digital currency markets shuddered all over Twitter and forums like Reddit. As there’s a $9,700 CME gap in the waiting, some people think the price could go lower. 

Future prices don’t reflect spot prices that have risen higher until the next week’s open, as a CME gap happens when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Bitcoin futures markets paused trading during the weekend. Some large price dumps in the crypto economy have been attributed to CME price gaps, as not all CME, as well as futures gaps, get filled but sometimes, they do not. 

As bitcoin deposits from mining operations into exchange wallets were the highest they had been in weeks as other theories have pointed to miners selling bitcoins. Showing that it’s a possibility bitcoin miner sold off a good number of coins during the last 48 hours as data stemming from mining pool outflows via large pool operations like Poolin, Slush, and Haobtc. 

Miners And Defi

Indicating that bitcoin miners transferred a great number of Bitcoin on Thursday which corroborates with the miner sell-off theories as analytics from Glassnode and Cryptoquant shows. 

The decentralised finance economy is simmering down as another cause people are looking at during the dump. A lot of money has left defi since September 1, whereas a great number of crypto asset holders have been complaining about ETH’s massive transaction fees. 

The total value locked in defi was $9.5 million as shown by defipulse.com stats on Tuesday whereas since then it has shuddered to $8.8 billion on Friday. A great number of defi players may have exited their positions in recent days, as many crypto speculators assume changed quite a bit in the last few days as well as lastly the Crypto Fear and Greed Index. During the last week, the chart was reading greed, as also last month the chart read greed. The CFGI slid from extreme greed to fear during the last 24 hours of trading just before the big price slides. 

Concluding The Discussion 

Still well above a quarter of a trillion dollars at $326 billion is the overall market valuation despite this of all 7,000+ crypto assets. Tether commands most of the volume today alongside the metric which is $49 billion worth of global trade volume. 

As many believe that money will eventually flow right back into more decentralised crypto assets like bitcoin and Ethereum, many traders however look at the stablecoin economy’s backdrop of funds as a positive outlook 

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