With The New Digital Ticket Technology, Ticketmaster Puts An End To Screenshots 

Ticketmaster with SafeTix is being voted to be fan-friendly. Know the details of the application. Blockchain is breaking barriers in the tech field. 

The Rise Of SafeTix

To help fight ticket fraud, blockchain technology is turning to Ticketmaster which as the ticketing giant has unveiled its next-generation digital tickets called SafeTix tied to the ticket holder’s mobile device which comes through an encrypted barcode automatically refreshing every few seconds as also supporting the NFC technology to allow fans to enter venues through a tap and go experience. Being able to add their contactless ticket to Apple Wallet, the company says ticket holders can enter a venue with their iPhone or Apple Watch involving the use of proximity-based technology automatically selecting the tickets as the phone is held near the ticket reader. 

Already unveiling SafeTix, by Apple and Ticketmaster during the fintech conference Transact, Ticketmaster says it is the first time it has ever rolled out on a large scale the NFC-based ticketing. Meant to cut down on ticket fraud is the combination of new technologies where the unscrupulous resellers today take screenshots or photocopies of the tickets which they then sell it multiple times over to unsuspecting victims because the barcodes now automatically refresh as a saved photo won’t work 

In the present context, however, it may prove to be inconvenient where some people are previously enjoying the ease of screenshotting the ticket after which sending it to a friend where something that’s a lot faster than using the transfer feature on the Ticketmaster’s website as also in this app. In this case, the change could thereby complicate things as at the venue check-in users fumble with phones figuring out how the new passes work at least in the near term. 

How Are Fans Viewing SafeTix And Its Application?

It is complicated as for the fans this change means that they have to transfer tickets to friends as also anyone else they’re selling a ticket to using the recipient's phone number or email address resulting in Ticketmaster gaining visibility in the custody chain of each ticket as it notes. Thereafter the data can be subsequently turned over to event owners that now have information about both the original ticket owner as also the actual attendee where everyone else had access to the ticket. 

Consequently, it is here that venues and event owners target attendees along with other offers and information about the event like those of food, beverage or merchandise deals or venue specific instructions where it is here that fans couldn’t have necessarily reached in the past whereas had the fan entered the venue using just a screenshot on their phone and for instance as also a paper ticket. As Ticketmaster says the event, as also venue owner, can choose to follow up alongside the fan after the event was wrapped. 

Explaining further, Justin Burleigh, the Chief Product Officer of Ticketmaster, North America, said in a statement about the launch that as the new ticket is issued every time there are a transfer or sale event owners can develop thereby a unique relationship with each fan leading to in-venue personalization as well as future communication as they increase their known fanbase. He further comments that allowing fans to arrive at a show or game with confidence that their tickets are always 100 percent authentic as SafeTix dramatically reduces the amount of the ticket fraud as the event owners are now dealing with on the event day. 

Using SafeTix, Is It Complicated?

Instead of being available everywhere, SafeTix is rolling out to specific venues as also events to start as initially they are used across NFL stadiums and a variety of touring artists’ acts. Available at Ticketmaster’s presence-enabled venues, they include 300 venues across the US as proximity-based technologies like NFC, RFID, and audio are used. Hereafter this is just one-way Ticketmaster is leveraging technology at the live events as the company now uses facial recognition tools from Blink Identity investing in at some venues. After that Ticketmaster acquired blockchain ticketing company Upgraded with an eye to the future enhancements of the identity-based ticketing. 

Summing Up The Discussion With A Few Good Words

It is observed thereby that the transition to SafeTix is a major change for NFL game fans as 97 percent of fans entered the venues using Ticketmaster blockchain technology expecting Ticketmaster Presence being installed at over 350 venues. Thereby according to Ticketmaster, the SafeTix launch will not however impact ticket fees. Whatever SafeTix targets, it is the help of Ticketmaster that has enabled the fans to come to the show with the confidence to see the show or game without interruption. 

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